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ACDF 3 level Fushion,C4-C7

Started by Jetmechanic352 on 01/13/2019 1:21am

So I have needed this surgery for years. I had sever spinal cord pressure on many levels, minor permanent damage, spinal stenosis, degenerative discs, herniated disc, pinch nerves down my left arm and lost 80% muscle mass to my left tricep. Weakend grip and started losing muscle to basically entire arm. Prior to that I was still able to run 5ks, work and do normal things. I wasn't in too much pain, but then again I believe over the years I acquired a tolerance to it. I was told this surgery will only take care of 80% of my problems and that if things get worse I would need a stage 2. Which is a posterior where they lay you on your stomach, cut your neck muscles and cut off the back side of the entire cervical spine and at that point they can fix 100% of everything. However, will live in chronic pain due to the fact my Neck muscles were cut and need to heal back, not only that, but the recovery time will be about a year. It's been 7 weeks now and I now get these tight feelings down both arms. They come and go regardless of my activities. Doc said it's normal for my case because my body eeds to basically readjust itself in a sense due to the nerves being blocked for so long. Also, day after surgery, I had a massive pain in my left arm, so bad to where they had to knock me out. It was the nerve signal returning. Felt like if your arm was asleep for 7 years then it woke up. I'm curious if anyone has had similar surgery as mine or the stage 2 ? I told the doctors I will not do the stage 2.

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