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Surgery after 1 wk of extreme pain

Started by Kellyk147 on 10/19/2018 6:27pm

Anyone have surgery after a short amount of time? Long story short, I woke up one morning and could not walk at all. Excruciating pain, numbness, tingling, stabbing pain that went on for one week in my whole leg. No pain Med touched it. MRI showed large herniation
/tear L5S1 with nerve root severely compressed. Small herniation L3/l4, small tear. It’s been pure hell for a week and have surgery scheduled. Today was first day felt some relief like the nerve is not so compressed. I can limp, dragging other foot few steps, but toes still numb. To me this is huge progress to gain some mobility again. I’m wondering if this injury can heal itself or if I should go through surgery to improve faster (according to surgeon) Every night I say I’m getting surgery bc of constant stabbing pain and 1 hour of sleep Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Scratch the relief part of last statement. Went to lay down and the extreme pain is back. Can not move and screaming in agony all over again. Guess it was short lived but at least I was able to get up and not be bed ridden.


I know you posted a long time ago, but I’m curious to know whether you went through with the surgery. It sounds to me that recovery is different for everyone because of many factors. I think a significant factor is how long a person waits to have the surgery. I can’t find anyone that had surgery within a similar timeline as you and I. My story is similar to yours, except that since my herniation was at C5C6, different parts of my body were impacted. I had 8 days of hell. On the 9th day, I had ACDF surgery. I’m 5 weeks post surgery and I’m always interested to read about other people’s recovery process.


Hello, I did have a microdiscectomy almost two weeks after all hell broke loose. I hope you’re recovery is going well. My recovery has been a process but overall doing much better. The first few months were awful with lingering symptoms; leg pain, calf cramps, toe/foot numbness. I could not sit. I started PT at 6 weeks and had a therapist who pushed to hard, causing a reherniation at the same disc. I will say it takes time and to measure recovery in months vs days and that each person is different. I can walk and do all of my daily activities which I am very thankful for. I have some lingering numbness/tightness but it is tolerable and I am hopeful it will go away someday. This site has been very helpful during my surgery and recovery and I hope my experience helps. Best of luck with your recovery and I hope it goes well.