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Post Laminotomy

Started by laurbee on 01/05/2018 2:10pm


I had a Laminotomy, L3, 4 & 5, S1. This is the second week post-surgery and I have severe numbness and tingling in my leg ad foot. Neurosurgeon says this is normal, that the nerves that were near the surgical point became inflamed and simply need to time to heal. There was disc calcification, so doctor says to be patient and is unable to tell me when the numbness and tingling will go away. I am able to walk with a cane, but can barely move my toes and my foot!
I am so stressed and scared that this is going to take a long time to heal.

Can anyone shed some light here?

Thank you.


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Hello, laurbee--thank you for your post! First, you did the right thing by reaching out to your doctor about your numbness and tingling in your foot. It's a good idea to contact your surgeon after surgery if any new pain or symptoms arise (as opposed to waiting to bring it up in a scheduled post-op visit).

With that said, recovery from spine surgery may be painful and slow. Nerve pain, in particular, may take a bit longer to heal.

We know that is disappointing to hear, but it sounds like your doctor is confident that time will heal your nerve-related symptoms. Our best advice is to follow your doctor's post-op instructions exactly, as they are designed to aid your recovery.

Keep us posted on how your recovery progresses. We hope your nerve pain subsides quickly and you enjoy a smoother recovery!


You will feel pain going down your leg to your foot.You will find out your little toe will be numb too. Good news if this is your first surgery on this L1 nerve you should heal up good.You will need to exercise a lot like walking keep your muscles strong.Dave


Hello Laurene,My name is David and I had three lower surgeries and the last was at L3-L4 that was back in 2014 what I can tell yeah it takes 6 Months to recover.Did your ruptured on you?If it did rupture you could be dealing with damage S1 nerve root. What you would be dealing with on that is numbness down your back leg with a limp when you walk with four toes numb starting with your pinky toe up.There will be a bad burning like your heal is on fire from damaged nerve S1 root.what I found out that helps is walking builds your back muscles up . Many blessings to your healing.David