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Posted in: Herniated disc, Sciatica, and Surgery.

Does leg pain ever go away completely.

Started by julieschill on 08/10/2017 8:39pm

Three months ago I went to a chiropractor for general aches and pains. He cracked my back and the next day I had awful pain down my leg that progressed until I needed 2 vicadin every 6 hrs. MRI showed severe herniation L4 L5. I had discetomy 3 weeks ago. What a life saver. However, I still have some pain radiating down that leg. I know I need to heal and have patience. My question is does the pain ever go away completely?

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Hi, julieschill--thanks so much for your post. Your question is an excellent one. While we can't speak to your specific situation, we can answer from a general perspective.

Sometimes, pain--particularly neurological pain, like what you're describing--doesn't *completely* go away. However, there are an array of treatments available (both non-surgical and surgical) that can certainly lower your pain and increase your ability to go about your daily life with improved function.

With your surgery being only 3 weeks ago, you still have some recovery left ahead of you. But, the good news is that your leg pain will likely decrease as your recovery progresses. Our best advice is to work with your doctor on setting your expectations realistically in terms of how much relief you should expect.

We hope your recovery continues to go smoothly, and we hope you experience continued reduction in leg pain!


I am having terrible leg pain also generates down my entire right leg from the top right buttock down and wraps around my heel..I have has steroid injections this is my 5th First third was because "they presumed i had sciatica ,,,but MRI shows a herniated L5 putting pressure on the nerve..its been a year now...Neurological surgeon is going to operate the shots give only temporary pain ... I pray you troubles heal quickly ...I know how hard this is.. God Bless you!


When I had my surgery L5-S1 it took about 4-5 months before the pain and numbness in my leg went away. That was 17 years ago.


I am seeing Neurological Surgeon on Thursday finally get an app for the surgery...
I'm SO relieved ! This has been a very long and difficult year... 8 Spinal injections ...some helped ..Im grateful...
Now On to healing... I know it will take a bit of time ..But you all give me hope Thank you


Way too soon to tell. Give it time, seriously though, give it the proper time to heal and listen closely to what your PT wants you to do in order to maximize the benefits of the procedure. You might never be 100% of what you used to be and might have some new limitations, minimize those limitations by taking your healing time seriously.