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Help! Injured Cervical into SCord also dislocation Axis

Started by spineinfo4me2 on 05/27/2017 2:18pm

Can someone help me decipher and determine what is going on.......with diagnosis and what I should do on follow through anyone in this situation...First of all I have some degeneration going on.......went for injection to mid back always have pain there this time with bulge T 7-8..I have had one cocktail shot? with my Dr this time said I should go target injection....I was doing something to aggravate it so I concurred. Got there said didn't do the injections an exam ensued...which I have been told was given improperly....and I was injured with sudden force to top of my head while coming up from back neck bend it was extremely bad pain shocks from top of head to bottom of spine...had xrays mris saying II have axial skeletal changes and herniated cervical discs into spinal cord it has been months now and still in pain...told I need ACDF surgery....another Dr says can do posteriorly without fusion....suffering from headaches vision issues....neck pain limits doing much....saying spondylosis.....I have wondered and asked if this dislocation and pain which I have never had was due to exam as I believe it was....Some nights my head is still sore and painful to put on pillow...sleep is intermittent.Neck pain always with me........Anyone know what is going on?

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