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Problems urinating

Started by MC2210 on 04/29/2017 10:44pm

This is somewhat embarrassing but over the past year I've had issues with frequent urges to urinate and problems starting my stream. I had a micro disectomy back in 2001 when I was only 22 in my lower spine, and another herniated disc a few years later in 2004. I went to a urologist and they did a number of tests everything coming up negative. They prescribed me a medication that's for over active bladder, been on that for a couple weeks with no real change. Can this be due to my old back issues?? It seems like this would start more recent after the surgeries but I'm not sure. Anyone out there familiar with this and have any information if they could be related? Thanks!!

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Hi, MC2210--thanks for posting your question. Spinal disorders and bladder problems can be related, and we've heard from others in this Community who have also dealt with bladder issues.

We think it's worthwhile to talk with a spine specialist about what you're experiencing. While we can't say for sure whether it's a spinal problem that's causing your bladder issues, we found this article that might be of interest to you: ( Spinal Disorders May Cause Neurogenic Bladder Disorder or Dysfunction ). We hope it's helpful--perhaps it will spark some good questions for your doctor.

Bladder issues can take a big toll on your quality of life, so we hope you find some answers soon. We wish you the very best of luck!