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Posted in: Herniated disc.

T2 t3 herniation

Started by Iandufrene on 02/16/2017 6:54pm

Hi guys can anyone please explain something to me? I was I injured right about a year ago at work and have been in severe pain. My MRI report reads as follow. T2 t3 broad base 1.6 mm right central foraminal disk protrusion subligamentous disk herniation extends into the epidural fat and intends the sac with out contact on to the ventral thoraoc cord. Anyone can explain this to me I've had 2 epuderal shots with temporary relief. My 2nd shot was 2 weeks ago and its already starting to hurt again. Not sure what to do if the pain gets any worse. The first shot i had relief for about 5 months but the shot itself was excruciating. Second shot didn't hurt that much.. Thanks for any info in advance.

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I had spinal cord compression at T2-T3 level due to a disc protusion. I had unbearable nerve pain into my chest and had lost sensation on my back and side. I had a Thoracic l
Laminectomy done 5/5/17. The surgery and recovery is brutal but has been a life saver. I still have muscle spasms when i use my arms a lot but am going to PT to help stregthen my upper back and shoulders again. I was limited to less than 5 lbs of lifting for 4 weeks, 15-20 labs from then on. I also couldnt lift my arms over my head for several weeks so Ive gotten weak. The nerve pain i had is gone. My upper back is still very numb but we are hopeful that will return. If not, so be it. My incision is about 4 inches long, right between my shoulder blades. Definitely not a common surgery and one that is difficult to recover from. I had a wonderful surgeon who takes great care of me!