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Neck/Shoulder pain - becoming unbearable

Started by rz82 on 02/03/2017 5:08am

Neck/Shoulder pain - becoming unbearable

Hi all,

I am 34 male, slightly overweight. I have been having neck and shoulder pain mostly on the left side but it sometimes radiates to below my arms and even to the center of my back. At times I also felt the pain on the right hand side. I took the below xrays and the respective reports:


For some odd reason my doctor doesn't want me to do any physiotherapy and instead prescribed me anti depressants to relieve my muscle spams. I don't want to take anti depressants....any idea what I can do to help me recover without becoming dependent on these medications?


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Forgot to include another report..



Hi there--and thanks for your post! Have you spoken to your doctor about your discomfort with anti-depressant treatment? If not, we encourage you do so. You shouldn't feel obligated to start a treatment regimen that doesn't sit well with you.

We dug into our SpineUniverse archives to find some articles that might help you understand some possible treatment options. This article ( Medications and Spinal Injections to Relieve Neck Pain ) is focused primarily on medications, but scroll down and you'll see links to some other therapies that relieve neck pain. This article ( Upper Back Pain Center ) shares some common treatments for upper back pain, and even some ideas for what you can do to ease pain at home.

We hope these articles give you some good conversation starters with your doctor. We wish you the best of luck in finding a treatment approach that you can feel good about!


Hello again - thanks all for your comments and help.

I am starting to accept my condition and try to live with pain. I am simply not ready to take any antidepressants. For instance this week I had two wonderful days with very few pains in my neck but suddenly yesterday I moved a bit awkwardly to look behind me and the stabbing pain in my neck resurfaced again. I am noticing that I cannot lift anything else the pain will come back...even not so heavy loads.

Again, my doctor told me that physiotherapy will make me worse...dont know what else to try. The same doctor told me that painkillers such as NAPROREX and CATAFLAM can cause stomach ulcers too!!!