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Same pain, different side post surgery

Started by Maureen Lynne on 10/26/2016 5:27pm

Hello!I had c5-c6 fusion in Dec of 2015. Everything was ok until June when i had to have the hardware recovered from my neck so they could do a two level fusion. The surgeries both dealt with nerves on my left side. Now i am experiencing right side nervr psin and weakness. I made an appointment wuth my surgeon but thoughg i would asherr is anyone had this happen or hasvany advice. Thanks

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Hello,. In response to Maureen Lynne--same pain, different side post surgery, I have the same problem. About six
weeks ago, I had open surgery on L2-L5. A Laminectomy, Foraminotomy and Facetectomy performed on each
vertebrae. The horrible acute deep pain is finally gone, but I can hardly walk because of burning pain in my hips and
buttocks. I'm supposing a lot of muscles were cut from the incision and the nerves were all pushed around with
these procedures. I thought I would have pain only at the incision site so this is rather unexpected. Has anyone
experienced this post surgery?? Tell me it will go away soon and it's only part of the healing process!
Cheers, Miles