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Post Op C5-C7 ACDF

Started by 102090772380650... on 05/25/2016 10:57am

I had surgery on March 27, 2016 and had a fall yesterday.. I have some pain and still have muscle spasms. My surgeon says I'm doing just fine as for general recovery but I am concerned after this fall. Using Motrin and ice only helps for a short period of time.. any suggestions?

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Have them order an MRI, or at least an x-ray to make sure all is well and that nothing was thrown outta wack due to your fall.


After ten years of struggle with an additional 2, (making a total of 3 automobile accidents one of which I was put through a windshield,) I've finally had my ACDF! Also C5-C7. It was this past December 30th.
I can say the surgery in my case relieved a bit of the radiculopathy, the hand tremors, but I too am still experiencing significant muscle spasms, (and pain.) I am also told this is normal, (to a degree.). Everyone is different, and I am experiencing other complications not relevant to your inquiry.

My surgeon informed me symptoms may not alleviate for 6 months post-op on average. I also agree an x-ray and new MRI should be performed for you just to make sure. Your bone grafts, it is said, are at a crucial healing point even around month 3 post-op and should then start to take, to strengthen more. Stretching does help, (are you doing your PT? Very important to do so!!) as does caffeine, personally speaking, and warm-hot soaks in the tub using something like "Dr. Teal's" Epsom Salts. This comes in a Lavender salt as well as the option of eucalyptus salts.

What direction you fell, how you landed position-wise, etc., is of certain import as well, but I do hope my suggestions might help you. Please let me know if you've any further questions. I am here with you even if you simply need to vent, (this goes for us all in the community because one cannot truly understand living day-to-day in such a way unless they are living it. I'd not wish it on any other living being. We all need and deserve the support of one another.)

Stay strong, and always listen to your physician's advice. ;)
*No lifting, bending or twisting, honey! I found out the hard way because I am stubborn.