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c4-c5-c6 fusion

Started by katzmeow1567 on 03/16/2016 6:58pm

i had c4-c5-c6 fused back in september.i woke up last august my whole right side was numb my left side tingling.i went to my dr. he stated it was my ulna nerve and wanted to schedule surgery.i told him if it was my ulna nerve then why is the rest of my body affected so he sent me to the hospital where they discovered that discs c4-c5-c6 were pushing half way into my spinal cord.the surgery went great but now i'm having issues with c7.my pinkie and ring finger on my right hand and the bottoms of both my feet are numb c7 is badly swollen and painful to the touch.i have 14 more months in my brace that i wear no less than 18 hours a day and sleep in a brace as well.i've been using bengay and ice.i switched insurance companies and no insurance til the 1st.is there anything else i can do for this?

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Use ice. not heat. Take the anti inflammatory pills faithfully. They do work if taken everyday. I have herniated disc in my back and surgeon say he will not operate because I could end up crippled. I started do simple exercises I found on the internet to keep my back moving. The swelling of your feet does not sound good. Get a second opinion or third opinion.