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2nd post surgical infectiin

Started by Brhyan on 03/09/2016 5:55pm

Hello I'm a 48 year old female who had a successful Fusion at c5/c6 in 2013. I then herniated (fragmented) a disc in November of 2014. I hurt my back at work and of course workers compensation did nothing for me. I waited for 2 months trying to get some resolution on this. I finally had to sign the letter stating that my back pain was from a strain. I then went back to my doctor and had a discectomy on L3 L4. Within 2 days I was back in the hospital due to a severe strep infection. 5 days in the hospital and then 30 day treatment with IV antibiotics. Because it took so long for me to have surgery on the disc, I now have nerve damage. I've gone through ablation x 2 and ESI injections x 3 and a Year's worth of pain management. When my pain management doctor suggested a spinal cord stimulator I was thrilled at the prospect. I did the trial and found quite a bit of relief. One month later I had the surgery for the implant. This is the same surgeon who did the fusion in 2013 and the discectomy in 2014. Now I find myself battling yet another infection. And again it was within 2 days. This time cellulitus at the battery incision. My surgeon told me it was quite surprising to have a infection that early. My question is: why another infection? Nothing was found in either preop. My white count was normal and I was feeling fine right before the surgeries . Both of these infections were within two days post-op. Has anyone out there had the same thing happen to them? Or am I just the unluckiest girl in the world?

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