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Started by 101532310364765... on 02/02/2016 12:18pm

Good Morning Everyone ...
I am 3 weeks into my post op and feeling like a fillet salmon to be precise. I had suffered for many yrs with spinal stenosis in all levels, herniated discs (6) to be exact and (3) blown out vertebras. My lower spine had been rubbing bone on bone so much that they had chiselled down cutting thru my nerves. I also had over 10 bone spurs removed my nerves were so severely pinched I had bloods trapped in my spinal cord. Over the course of 9 yrs my GP would not believe in me telling me my pain was in my head and that I had depression and that was the major factor of my pretend pain. Because of the lack of attention my nerves had dyed off causing a lot of problems to my overall health. So this surgery was my only option in my mind to do. Prior to going in I suffered in great constant pain from my lower back, hips, pelvis going down my left leg into my foot to the point where walking was unbearable, but know from the surgery I do not feel that same pain in fact I have none on my left side except for the surgical site which is to be expected. Since surgery my right side feels like the yrs I had suffered and my right foot is so numb. My question is this normal right after surgery ?? My surgeon Dr. Andrew Lee is a very well respected and highly recommended Neurosurgeon here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada so I have put all my faith in him and he has ensured me completely that my surgery went better than expected and I will be okay. I'm not feeling so self assured anymore and I'm getting really really scared !!! Please if anyone out there that had this surgery can tell me that this is normal and I'm just being silly .... (Me) I am female just turned 54 yrs young managed 24/7 a major trucking fleet with importing & exporting all over the world up till a year ago when I could no longer suck up the pain as I've been told to do and work thu it.

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Ooops typo ... I had blood clots trapped in my spinal cord.