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Cervical Disc Replacement: What type of implant did you get, and should I be worried?

Started by SongJin on 01/10/2016 6:46pm

I'm supposed to have a total disc replacement surgery at C5-6 in the near future, and amongst the other things I'm worried about, the magic of the internet and chatting with other recipients of disc replacements now has me paranoid about the type of disc replacement they want to use.

I'm supposed to get Medtronic's "Prestige" implant, but some other lay people have told me that it's a "crappy metal-on-metal prosthesis" that I shouldn't let anywhere near my neck. Do I need to be concerned? Is it so bad that I need to look for a different surgeon that will use another type? Thanks for any advice--this is really freaking me out.

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