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C5 C6 C7 fusion post op expectations

Started by nrgxmsn on 12/17/2015 8:12pm

I had a C5 C6 C7 fusion with disc removal, cadaver bone replacement all secured with titanium plate and screws done last Saturday 12/12/15. All pain in my arm is gone but still am experiencing some weakness probably from pinched nerve to my right arm, but I am hoping this will eventually go away. After all it has only been 5 days so far. I experienced little to no pain after surgery but was receiving some steriod shots and took myself off the morphine the following Sunday night and did not need to even take the hydrocodone or flexeril prescribed for me. Steriod injections stopped before I left the hospital Sunday afternoon. I had unusual energy on Monday and did little odds and ends but I think it was the residual steroids in my body. On Tuesday I started to get a very low grade headache on and off and attributed it to neck brace. Wednesday I started to get weaker and more tired and started to feel like I had a major surgery. Thursday even more so, including on and off low grade headache back of head but I notice it changes with neck brace tightness. I take neck brace off when sitting still and upright in living room chair but put it back on before I get up or before I fall asleep in case my head slumps forward. It helps my headache or pressure on my head/neck from the brace and it is helping my neck muscles to do a little work if anything just to hold my head up. I must lay on my back to sleep mostly in a recliner with neck brace on and must use my CPAP machine so I do not experience sleep apnea. I've laid in bed for a few hours just to give my head some pressure relief from hard neck brace backing. My doctor said I could return to work with brace (6 weeks) one week post op but I have elected to go at least two weeks. He said I could drive once I am off the drugs but still must wear brace, he described all movement of head will come from C4 and above from now on. He told me Peyton Manning had the exact same surgery and returned to the football field after two months, but doesn't recommend that for me since it does not involve millions of dollars. He is very confident the plate will secure the neck for the rest of my normal life, but I have been a hockey official all my life but at 60 will consider retiring from the upper levels of the game. I'm interested to learn how or if the neck brace compounds headaches in the back.

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