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Multiple surgeries S.O.S!

Started by 106854542317009... on 10/27/2015 9:21pm

I have a hx of c4/5 (2006) and c5/6 fusions. Hardware from c4 and c5 removed to make way for anterior c5/6 fusion in 2013. Used my own bone and am completely fused at those levels.

Also fused at L4 through S1 (4 surgeries due to trauma then developed cauda equina, hematoma, CSF leak)

I had a serious traction injury in May which resulted in a right upper extremity injury ( slap tear to shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome). I had both repaired surgically but continued to have arm pain, weakness, tinnitus, and shortness of breath. Million dollar work up revealed no answer for tinnitus and shortness of breath. Recent MRI showed new moderate left C3-4 foraminal stenosis coupled with mild central stenosis at the C6-C7. Cord is slightly flattened along its right ventral aspect.
I believe c6/7 is what's causing my continued right arm issues. My question is: Could a c3/4 herniation cause tinnitus and shortness of breath (like a panic attack feeling)?

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