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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Neck pain.

Cervical disk herniation surgery- urgent plz

Started by Mamin on 04/29/2015 4:57am

I am 37 years old and just gave birth to a one month old girl.. A year ago I fell if and was diagnosed by disk C5-6 disk herniation, I had severe nerve pain in my shoulders and hands but was scared to do the operation so i had medication and then went for physiotherapy and got better gradually but never to my normal life though I was accepting my new life with pain. Since I gave birth and started breastfeeding and carrying my baby things got worse and am deteriorating very fast thought, Thank God I don't have numbness all the time and still have strength on my hands when I did another MRI I discoveren a new protrusion in C6-7... I need to know a good Dr possibly in Germany a non commercial one also if anyone could advise quotation for 2 levels disk replacement just to have an idea about the cost also if i will be able to carry my baby after the operation I mean when.. I am having a nervous breakdown cauz of handling my baby :(... I also want to know if the artificial disk has to have fusion at the same time or not and please help with any possible info which could be helpful most important I need a trusted very good non commercial specialist to consult and possibly do the operation to get back to life ASAP to be able to handle my baby

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