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What does my MRI result mean for me.

Started by jezlevett on 11/08/2014 4:43pm

Hi there,

I recently did a handstand and hurt my neck.
A week later my thumb slowely started getting tingly. Now its permentatly tingly and my hand gets a little tingly sometimes.

Here is the MRI report on my cervical spine.

I cant really understand it so any decoding of it would be appreciated.

FINDINGS: There is loss of normal cervical lordosis. There is no fracture, subluxation or pathologic marrow infiltration present. The cervical cord is of normal course, caliber and signal. No myelomalacia is seen. The cerebellar tonsils are unremarkable. The paraspinous tissues are normal. Evaluation of the cervical articulations is as follows:

Occiput-C2: Normal.

C2-3, C3-4, C4-5: Normal.

C5-6: The disc is of mildly diminished height and hydration. There is a 3 mm right posterolateral disc protrusion and annular tear extending into the inferior aspect of the foramen causing stenosis and abutting the exiting C6 nerve root on the right side. The central canal and left side foramen are normal.

C6-7: The disc is of relatively normal height and hydration. There is a tiny central disc protrusion and annular tear as well as a tiny-small right posterolateral disc protrusion without annular tear. No significant foraminal compromise is seen.


-Acute right posterolateral disc protrusion at C5-6 causing lateral recess and inferior foraminal stenosis and probable impingement of the right C6 nerve root.
-Small central and right side disc protrusion at C6-7.

Again any help is appreciated. Is this bad and i am screwed or will it heal eventually?


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Not a dr here, but I would dare say the numbness is in your right hand/thumb. This is not a horrible mri. You do have what appears as 2 bulging discs not real bad, most people have some and don't know it. The stenosis is simply narrowing of the canal your spinal cord is in. Again only bad if it starts pressing on the nerves. You as it says may have impingement which is saying a nerve may be getting pressed on in the lower part of your neck. It may not be if it is its very slight according to the report. The loss of height and hydration means that its lost or is losing its fluid which allows it to act as a cushion. Again not a dr just going with experiences. Everybody has different reactions to disc and vertebrae issues. That being said it is not the worst I've seen. There is a chance that you inflamed a nerve and it needs to calm down, which could occur naturally. The impingement could be helped by a number of non invasive techniques such as chiropractic treatment, physical therapy or decompression. There are many things out there that can help you. But be patient and listen to the drs.