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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Surgery.

Discectomy and ADA question please.

Started by Greenlight on 08/28/2014 11:51am

(if this is not in the correct area, please move it. i am sorry i did not know where to place this)

I have a question about the American disabilities act. I had a discectomy approximately 6 1/2 weeks ago, that was supposed to be micro and turned out to be an open discectomy. I did not give permission for an open procedure. The doctor told me that it was a micro procedure and I came out with a 4 inch scar. After surgery I was doing pretty good and was walking as directed. One day I had a big muscle spasm in my back and shot down my leg. After that, I was not normal at all. I went back to the condition of the day out of surgery and it has not been good since. I have been struggling ever since then. The spasm incident was approximately four/five days after surgery. At six weeks I can only walk in the grocery store for approximately 30 minutes before I start hurting and my leg feels like it's going to give out. I also have pains around the surgery site still, as in pressure and while after standing for 30 minutes or so it hurts like the dickens approximately 3 to 5 inches in diameter around the incision. I cannot return to work due to my labor job that I have. My job entails of lifting and bending over and performing specific duties. I cannot do that now at all. I am not lifting anything over 10 pounds per the doctor's orders. Another issue is the first doctor that performed the surgery does not even remember doing the surgery nor will tell me anything about my problem after discussing it with him. His office called me and requested me to pay my co-pay for a second surgery without notification of any procedures or what the doctor said. I asked to speak with the doctor or nurse and I was denied. Approximately a week after the financial person called me the doctor called me and told me that I needed surgery for a herniated fragmented disc in my back and it was the initial surgery. I already had surgery with him and that's how I got the four inch scar. I have changed doctors due to the lack of communication and him not knowing he already performed surgery on me. The second doctor is reviewing all of the doctors records and consulting with his staff with another colleague as well to evaluate the appropriate care plan for me.

At this point in time, which is six weeks from surgery, I believe I should be better than I am now. I might be able to drive a desk although I do have difficulties sitting all day and looking at a computer screen. When I do this at for a few hours at home my eyes burn like crazy and I have to get up every so often to walk around due to the discomfort and some pain.

I'm sorry it took so long to get to the question but I felt it was necessary to give you some background.
Is there a way to get partial disability title for employment assistance in employment opportunities since I cannot perform my normal career duties and must change careers? I am not looking for Social Security disability money, I walk to work. Because I want to work my jobs will be very limited due to the fact I cannot perform a lot of duties nor sit in a chair for long periods of time without having to get up and walk around.
What are my options at this point and what I need to do to get some ADA title assistance to help me get some jobs that I have not done before? I have seen some jobs that are medical office assistance or secretaries. also, front desk folks at doctors offices. I was thinking about something like that although there is some requirements that you must have such as some reception or secretary experience, which I do not have.

What are the suggestions of all you experts and people that have been trough this?

Thank you,


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Social Security doesn't have partial disability. You can get a copy of your medica records from your doctors and from the hospital where the surgery was done, it is Federal Law.