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I really need an advice

Started by 673763738@facebook on 07/29/2013 7:45am

Hello everyone, I am Lili and I live in the UAE, Dubai, it's great and all, but all your doctors treat like children and on (no need to know basis).
I've been suffering from low back pain for the last 8 years (so yeah when I was almost 20) and my episodes used to be a year apart, then gradually, 6months, then 3 and since last November my life been a continuos episode.
I've been on Celebrex, lyrics, and voltaran and all muscle relaxants you could think of, until last November where my dr recommended Epidural injections.
I haven't mentioned my diagnosis because simply I am not sure of it, some say DDD, others say herniated disc, however, after my epidural, I had acute renal failure and a spike in my triglycerides and even prediabetes, in addition to very low vitamin D levels, edema, and tummy swelling and difficulty breathing.
Epidural made no difference to my condition, matter of fact, I am getting worse by the day, the pain shooting down my legs is more frequent, the sharp pain whenever I move my back has been a new addition for the last 3months and just feels like an electrical shock went through my spine even with the slightest move forward or backwards, I can't exercise, and of course I gained weight, almost 7kg, and have no social life, too afraid to aggravate the symptoms and increase the pain that most of the time gets to the point where I can't even move in bed, been to physiotherapist and tried acupuncture but nothing helped.
my nephrologist has ordered me away from all NSAID and SAID, or else my kidneys' damage would be parmenet.
The latest advice was of a dr that said, the only option I have left is PLIF!!!
I have no idea what to do...please please advice, I really trust no one in this country.

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