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coccyx pain

Started by hotsitotsi on 04/10/2013 5:11pm

This is not a spine problem but along with my many spine problems I also have coccyx pain and have to sit on ice all day to get any relief. It does prevent travelling and social events. I have read about ganglion Impar nerve blocks using fluoroscopic guidance. Has anyone had one of these injections or know of someone who has had one. I have had this for 22 years and it is getting to be quite bothersome. All I have been told is to "learn how to live with it" unfortunately I am a slow "learner". Thank you.

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You are not alone. I have this problem also. I beleive it is related to nerve compression or nerve damage? Last lumbar MRI said the sciatic nerve was very irritated. However, I had this problem for many started w/ cervical prior to (2) cervical operations and before my lumbar started giving me a fit as well. The only drug that has worked for all the nerve, muscular and bone pain has been Diazapam. I have tried almost every drug available. It is not a over night fix. I was on it for six months to a year. Now that I am off it the pain is back with a furry. Includind both legs bone pain shooting pain. Spasms feet and legs.

My cervical is multi-fused w/plates(5). Thoracic ruptuted, herniated and buldging )(7). Lumbar same. (3) = Train wreck.