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7 years on and it feels like it is beginning all over again... or am I going mad

Started by MrsM on 03/12/2013 2:55pm

Sept 2005 I had a discetomy and stenosis. 3 months later all the pain came back and jul 06 I had a fusion on l3 -l5. every since my surgery I have suffered with my hips, however the last few months this has escalated. Where as before I only had right leg affected, pain, numbness, pins and needles, heat flashes. It now seems to have moved to my left leg... all the same symptoms. It is not as bad as before but still really wearing me down. The pain in my back itself is a lot lower than before, just above my coccyx, more like a numb ache. But my legs are what is troubling me. My hips feel like they are being compressed and my sensitivity is disappearing.I have seen my GP and she could not get a reflex reaction in either ankles or knees. What does that mean? I am waiting for a referral back to the surgeon who operated on me before for assessment but am getting really concerned. I cant see how the original fusion has failed after this length of time and cant work out if I should be worried or not. has anyone else had problems so far down the line? I spoke with a friend of a friend who is a spinal nurse and she was surprised that my S1 was not included in the fusion, is that normal?

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hi mrs. m You have described me I had surgery over a year ago. this winter my legs and hips have been miserable. so I went back to my surgeon got another mrI now I have artheritus and narrowing of the spine, they did a fusion L! to L4 now L5 and s1 are bad here we go again. they have me doing theropy. if I dont do anything I seemed tobe betr at the moment. I think the pain is going to come and go about the only way to fix either new cushions or fuse it. any way we can hope for relief.


Hi Mrs. M. I'm fused L4,5-L5,S1 (also had the discs removed), and this past year developed sciatica pain in my left leg, dull pain in both legs and wicked hip pain (the hip pain being just the last few months). I don't know where this is coming from as there isn't a disc at the S,1 level.
I also had a one level discectomy and fusion of the c-spine, and currently have 5 ruptured discs in my thoracic spine. So there could be many reasons for my pain.
I'm sure you know all about the tests and treatments they will have you go through to find out exactly where the pain is stemming from (I whine about test after test, but I wouldn't want the wrong disc taken out), so I wont bore you with that.
My lumbar fusion was done in 2007, so I guess pain can strike any of us lucky people at any time. All we can do is keep ourselves as distracted as we can to get our focus off the pain and try to get as much pain relief as possible while the Dr.s try and figure this out. Worrying, while it's very hard not to do, will wreak havoc on your system. Also, if it hurts, don't do it! Listen to your gut. I was told that there was nothing I could do that would injure my spine. NOT TRUE. Just walking and turning my head, or sitting upright for more than 10 minutes has my mid/upper back in spasms and my left leg going numb. So don't push yourself too hard. Listen to your body.
I do know of people who have had their lumbar fused without the L5,S1 being done, but it was because that disc wasn't symptomatic at that time, or the Dr. couldn't access that space during the discogram. (They all have severe sciatica pain now.)
Good luck to you. I hope you keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.