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sciatic pain even after herniated disc removal surgery

Started by bisooo on 03/11/2013 3:11am

hi all,
im bisoo 31 years old had a herniated disc l4-l5 on sep 2011,suffer from sciatic pain i had all the tretment possiable till sep 2012 i had a aremoval of herniated disc and l4-l5 fixation,it has been 6 month after surgery i had 3 month rest and 3 month of physio and exercis almost 22 time amonth but im still have the pain :(,my muscles is gettin back and all my body physio condition is gettin better im even start to run easly now but still have the constant sciatica pain,the doctor said its gonna go away by itself :( but iy didnt ,please please i need help

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Hi Bisoo,
I can honestly understand how you are feeling with this issue of the constant sciatic nerve pain. I'm 33 years old, and I've had three back surgeries over the past 2 years. I had a herniated disk at my L5-S1 region that was compressing on my sciatic nerve. I've had three surgeries and my last one was a spinal fusion due to herniate disk,. I've had severe and constant sciatic nerve pain throughout this injury/recovery time. I'm about a yr of recovery from the fusion, and still trying to deal with the constant sciatic nerve pain. I've been told from the neurologist who preformed my EMG, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapist that the nerve will heal approximately 1-2 mm a month.s. They also said it depending on how sever the sciatic nerve was damaged depends on how long it will take it to heal completely. One thing that helps with the nerve pain when it starts to fire, burn, tingle or when in the calf area gets that sever charlie horse tightness is to put ice on the area of the pain. The ice helps to mellow out the pain somewhat, and believe me any relief that I can get from the pain is a good thing. I bought CoolPak brand ice packs because they stay cold a lot longer then the gel type because it has a clay like material inside of them. You should def check into purchasing a couple of these ice packs because its worth it to have on hand when that nerve flares up. Also when that intense firing, tingling feeling I can have my husband massage or squeeze the area, and that sometimes will help to lessen the pain. I've also been going to a pain management doctor and he has given me trigger point injections which helps to offer a limited amount of relief, but like I said any relief is worth it. A very important thing for you to try and do is stay patient and believe me I know that's extremely hard, but it will help you to deal with all of this. Keep positive thoughts that this pain will go away and it will take time do to the 1-2 mm a day, but it will get better in time. What has your Dr tried with you so far to try and treat the sciatic nerve pain? Have you been going to physical therapy for your recovery? Stay strong and hope that you will be pain free very very soon.


hi michelle k,
thanks alot for your help,my dr said it will go away by itself by time,and yes after surgey i had 10 weeks rest then i had 12 session of normal phasyo therp ( hot,cold ,ultra sound,laser) then i start haydrostatic recovery in pool for more 2 weeks ,and now doin the exercies and pool and calssic phasyo more then 2 mo and still almost sam :(


hi bisoo I have had a fusion L1 thru L4 and after a year my back feels good. but now my lower L5 thru s1 is giving me problems those cushions are bad now. so my surgeon calls this narrowing of the spine. I have been doing therpy and takeing alieve two tablets every day. and its helping. when I was at that level where you are at now I was still having issues If your bending over stop doing it. squat or go down on a knee try keeping your back straight. also to help from bending get a grabber the less you bend the betr you will feel. I dont no if thats some of the things that is happening but it was what I was doing over stretching muscles it took my fusion a year to be 100 percent good luck