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Leg numbness from Herniated disk

Started by metalfan1989 on 01/11/2013 1:58pm

Hi, I had back surgery a year ago. The surgeon did remove the part of my herniated disk on my S1 nerve and filed away the bone spur that was pinching the S1 as well. My symptoms prior to the surgery was pain in the lower back and numbness, like hitting your funny bone not foot fall asleep numbness, down my right leg and into my foot. The pain is gone post surgery, but the numbness from my knee to my foot lingers and sometimes I can't even walk because it is so intense. Any recommendations on what to do now? I've had two rounds of injections into my L5/S1 area. I am also stretching and walking to try to strengthen the muscles and such. Thanks.

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Hi Metalfan! I know and feel what you are going through because I'm also dealing with a similar situation. I've had 3 surgeries, and I'm dealing with my siatic nerve pain. First thing to keep in mind that during the time that your siatic nerve was being compressed/pinced my Dr explained to me that a nerve only heals like a mm a month. Something that should help you is to put ice pack on the intense, numbness sensations. A really good brand of ice pack that I found and use is called CoolPak it stays cold like 30-45 min because it has a clay type filling instead of just the gel feeling. Something else that you can try (my PT told me these help) is to do foot & ankle pumps (up & down movement) Have you thought about asking your Dr if they could do an EMG test to see if the siatic nerve is being irritated or compressed possible, and that's why your experiencing more intense nerve pain. Hope that you start to feel better soon!


hi I guess I have never heard of a surgeon taking part of a cushion out. they took out my cushions in my lumbar and fused them together. good luck with your spine.