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One level PD-C Prodisc arthroplasty versus ACDF

Started by Weenie on 11/17/2012 5:45am

I have experienced two years of neck, arm, and shoulder pain as a result of a injury to my C5-C6 cervical area. I have undergone all non-invasive therapies/procedures with no success. I have seen two highly recommended and highly skilled neurosurgeons. Each neurosurgeon recommends a different procedure.

Upon reviewing MRI, SURGEON ONE firmly believes I AM a candidate for a one level PD-C prodisc arthroplasty and recommends only that type of surgery.

Upon reviewing MRI, SURGEON TWO firmly believes I am NOT a candidate for the PD-C prodisc, and instead only recommends the ACDF procedure.

How can two surgeons interpret the MRIs and all the same facts differently? How does one make a decision as to which surgery is more appropriate for me personally? Has anyone been in a similar situation? I am anxious to hear feedback from anyone. Thank you.

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Welcome to the group Weenie,,,two differnt opinions doesnt surprise me,,I had 2 MRIS in a one week span both to say completely different findings,,I think it all comes down to who is interpreting the tests,or who is not wearing their eyeglasses that day...I would recomend a third opinion and average out what they suggest,no pun intended.Each surgeon has their own approach and ways of approaching a situation, but unfortunatly when we hear 2 different answers it doesnt make us feel confident,,their suppose to B the experts, instead its left to us to decide..Do plenty of research,. Im an Orhtopedic nurse, can U B more specific and if u have the time write exactly what MRI says, maybe I can B of some help.Everyone here is very helpful and willing to offer advice according to their issues and experiences,,give it some time Im sure U will get plenty more responces and suggestions,,By now most of us have already earned our degree in surgery from what we have gone through,,,lol.Ill B watching for ur MRI responce,( only if U want), n Ill help u understand it in laimen terms.Have faith in whatever U decide,a few prayers for guidance cant hurt..Rene :)