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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Surgery.

Possible herniated disc relapse?

Started by Antviss on 07/10/2012 10:34am

Hello. For the past two days I'm researching into my condition with very little conclusive results. So I thought I should start a discussion, hoping there may be a medic out there or someone who went through what I'm going through that could shed a light on my worries.

I had a surgery in January 2007 for a herniated discs. My pain was unreal and I was relieved when the doctor offered me the surgery. Everything went smoothly and recovery was swift and effective. There was the occasional pain during sudden atmospheric pressure changes or when a bit of lifting was involved, but that was something I was expecting and I learned to live with it.

The problem is, a few days ago, the pain came back. I couldn't say for sure that it's in EXACTLY the same place on my spine, but the symptoms are 99% the same. I am not afraid of having a second surgery. I actually embrace the idea. But I read some topics and discussions where people and even doctor said that a second back surgery poses a risk of bone cancer. Is that really true? I mean, apart from the usual risks a surgery involves (never waking up from the anesthesia, instruments being left behind, collateral damages and so on), is there a real threat on the long run caused by a second back surgery? Thank you in advance for your advice. Anything is highly appreciated! Alex

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