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Question about thecal sac

Started by Mamaplease on 06/26/2012 1:16pm

Hi everyone. First, I'd like to thank so many of you who have helped answer my questions and provide me with great advice. I have a question today that I have not been able to google for an answer, and hope that maybe somebody here with alot more knowledge than me will know the answer.

I have L5/S1 20mm herniated disc exerting "significant mass effect on thecal sac and exiting bilateral nerves". I have learned what I can about the thecal sac, that it is a large "conduit wire" that is very thick and extends from your brain down and holds the spinal cord and spinal nerves. In my case, constant inflammation and a bone spur is mashing down and rubbing a spot in the thecal sac and it is just a matter of time before the interior nerves become damaged enough that I lose the "signal", and also the use of the affected leg (s).

My question: can this continue to a point to where the thecal sac could become completely breached and I might lose the spinal fluid or the use of both legs all at once? I'm sure that this is a silly question, but one that weighs heavily on my mind.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.


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