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Hit in back after laminectomy

Started by Barb02 on 05/02/2012 12:04pm

I had an open multilevel laminectomy, foraminotomy, and spur removal at L4-L5 5 weeks ago. I have an extreme fear of being hit or touched on the back now. The question that I can't remember to ask my neurosurgeon when I'm in her office is....will being hit in the back directly in the surgical area do any harm or is it protected well enough by the back muscle? Two days after being released from the hospital my elderly mother opened the bathroom door fast without knocking and hit me directly on the incision by the metal, old fashioned sharp-edged door knob. I had to sit down immediately to keep from passing out from pain. There was no visible damage but now I'm wondering how well protected my spine is post laminectomy. Thanks all!

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hello barb I can say i feel your pain. I had open back my back was broke when i was 19 and my lumbar is fused together 8 screws two rods. you may want to call dock and get exerays peace of mind my grand kids work me over good in the back area. im out of my brace and exercising now i have some muscle pain they say it will go away. good luck i would ask the dock to exeray it to see if it is okay.


barb I was curious were you wearing your brace that helps protect that would hurt period hopeful everythings ok.