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Can disc problem in neck affect legs and feet?

Started by TLB on 04/27/2012 12:42pm

Hi all,

If you don't want to read my entire message the subject heading says it all. I am wondering if numb and tingling toes and burning leg pain can be related to cervical disc issues.

I am almost nine years post op for a C5-6 fusion. I recovered more or less fully from that, but four years ago I started having additional symptoms, just spasms and neck pain. The MRI showed the adjacent levels were now herniated with c6-7 more prominent. Managed to get by with epidurals, massage and physical therapy until recently. Have had some numbness since last summer.

In late February of this year, I was rear-end. It was very minor, less than $500 damage to my car. About four days after that my right hand started tingling and the numbness grew more pronounced. I also started having burning pain on the back of both thighs. I've had some muscle twitching down my right arm.I'm having accuracy issues with typing now. I had another epidural and trigger point injects four weeks ago, but it doesn't seem to have done much this time.

This week, I started having numbness in my toes and some burning there. My legs just don't feel quite right. Maybe a little heavy. The thighs are still burning on and off.

Do you think it is possible that my cervical issues at C4-5 or C6-7 could be responsible for both the hand and legs or do you think I might have a lower back issue, too? I don't know what to think or hope.

I do have an MRI scheduled for next week so I am looking forward to getting some answers, but I would appreciate any insight you might have. I am worried about permanent damage.

Thanks much!


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