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Just got MRI, waiting to see NS

Started by gmht1989 on 04/02/2012 1:22pm

Hello, I recently 3/12/12 had an episode where i had numbness in my face. I went to the er. Dr. comes back and tells me I have degenerative discs and to see neurosurgeon. I had mri and ct at the er. The week prior I noticed my hands were periodically going numb. I have been really stressed and figured it must be that. Since the er visit I am experiencing alot of pain in my shoulder, fingertips and feet. I have what I feel are little electric shocks that I feel on my arms, back and legs.

My appointment with NS isnt until 4/12/12. Reading my MRI and CT reports they say:

c4-5 moderately large broad based right parasagittal disc protrusion/extrusion which completely effaces the anterior aspect of the thecal sac which indents the right anterior aspect of the cervical spinal cord. mild diffuse circumferential disc eccentric bulging. bilateral neural foramen narrowing. right side cord compression.
c5-6 small to moderate broad based left posterolateral disc protrusion which extends into the left neural foramen. bilateral neural foraminal narrowing, worse on left than right.

c6-7 moderate sized right paracentral disc completely effaces the anterior aspect of thecal sac and appears to slightly indent the right anterior aspect of the cervical spinal cord bilaterally.

ct report says that at c4-5 there is a moderately large osteophyte on the right projecting into the spinal canal which may be impinging on the right side of the ventral cord and nerve roots. c5-6 there is severe left side uncovertebral spurring encroaching on the left neural foramen and mild right side spurring encroaching on the right foramen.

Never had problems before. Just trying to get an idea where I am going to be headed with this.

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Hi! I just read your story and was wondering what the neurosurgeon had to say about your case. I have some of your same symptoms of numbness, pain in my legs and feet. I hope they had a good solutions to your problem. My neurologist who found my cervical issues is referring me to pain specialist. i am wondering about going to see a neurosurgeon also. Danielle