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Posted in: Herniated disc, and Sciatica.

Sciatica/caused by L4/L5 disc herniation

Started by connectpoint2003 on 07/28/2011 9:19am

Question: Does this condition heal itself or is it something you just learn to live with?? I had this for some time now. connectpoint2003@yahoo.com

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I am 30 years old & I had very bad sciatica which was the result of an L4/L5 disc herniation. My pain began in Nov 2009 with a slight pain in my lower back. 3 months later it had become an intense sciatica pain in my butt & shooting down my entire left leg. I tried all kinds of meds, physical therapy, chiropractor, steroid shots, acupuncture. Nothing worked for me. Nothing gave even a bit of relief from the pain. I was unable to work & hardly able to leave the house due to the fact that I couldn't walk, couldn't stand up straight, couldn't lie down, couldn't sleep. I had the most awful year of my life. Nothing showed up on my Xrays. The MRI showed a bad herniation. (Of note, my first xrays showed nothing, but I finally had more done elsewhere & they found out that I have an "extra" vertebra which means my 1st Dr might have been injecting the steriods in the wrong place). I started this whole process scared of having surgery because my dad had 2 unsuccessful ones. After a year of awful pain, they couldn't get me into the OR fast enough. I had a microdiscectomy done in Nov 2010. That was the best thing EVER! I had a week of postsurgery recovery where I couldn't bend or sit or move very well. The next week was much better. I was restricted to not lifting over 5-10 lbs for a couple months & had physical therapy a few times a week for a month. It's not 8 months later & I'm thrilled! I still get a little stiff in my lower back when I do yard work or overwork my back, but I can walk as far as I want, cycle, pick up my nephew, go for long road trips, everything I used to do. I have zero regrets about having my microdiscectomy.