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open discectomy L4-L5 6/16/10

Started by laxgirlie13 on 06/30/2010 10:51am

well i'm extremely scared of going through a reherniation of my L4-L5. i just had an open discectomy on 6/16/10, it's been only 2 weeks and i feel 100% better than before surgery. i have spondylolisthesis on my L4, L5 and S-1. and my surgeon is certain that i'll reherniate because my back is so unstable but it's a matter of when. i'm almost 17 yrs old and i was totally against having the fusion. i get to go back to him on 8/12 and i'm probably starting physical therapy sometime around there. is there anything that anyone can suggest to prolong my time before reherniating? or did anyone do certain things after surgery to strengthen muscles?

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When you get your doctor's permission to exercise, the very best exercise you can do for your back is mat pilates. Its purpose is to strengthen your core muscles. Any good PT will tell you the same thing. I did mat for a while but now do power pilates which is a bit more difficult. But anything like that including yoga exercises are perfect for your back.

HOWEVER, if you still have back issues, do not do any of the yoga or pilates poses that flex backwards, for example cobra position. That will increase you pain and/or place more pressure on spondy. Concentrate on poses like downward facing dog. You will notice instantly the relief in your back. Hip openers are also good. Just remember to pull your stomach up and in whilel doing any of these exercises and BREATHE. If you can't coordinate that altogether or are not use to it, just say the words out loud, like inhale, exhale. That way you will naturally breathe even if not with perfection.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


thanks CarrieR,
i've been really trying to get my ABs working a little bit but my back is still bothering me.. UGH. but i'm hoping it'll get better soon. i can feel my surgeon ordering another MRI in the near future fearing reherniation. i hope that that's not the case. but thanks for the reply :)