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Epidural Steroid Shots

Started by luvdodo on 06/15/2010 1:38pm


I had a microscopic diskectomy done in 2003 (I was 30 then) on my L5S1 and was painless until now. Few weeks back I had blackouts due to pain and was in the hospital for 4 days since I could not even stand. The right left was going through a lot of pain with the L5 nerve, especially the calf and toes.

I was given a steroid shot 10 days back and recovery has been steady.

But today the pain has increased a bit and the numbness and weakness in the right leg is high. Not to forget there is some mild soreness in my back around the L5S1 area.

Will a booster shot help? How often do we need to take them.

I am not on any other pain med, except nurotin for the nerves.


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I am only allowed to get an epidural every 3 months, but I've read about some people getting theirs alot more often than that. I know that it can take up to two weeks for the epidural to work, or as some doctors say "settle in". Did you have an mri after the procedure in 2003? and how about recently? I have some ideas about why new pain....you may have degeneration going on in there. I hate to say those words to anybody, but it is quite possible that in the time since your surgery you have developed it and that who knows to what degree it's at. I was born with spinal stenosis and spondylolithesis. I had the occassional back injuries, but nothing serious until pain started while I was folding laundry on the floor in 2005 at the age of 35. Chiro said that degeneration may have started at age 20, but there's no way to know how long ago it started. The arthritis has been there for a long time though and that's why they think I may have been born with it and only now when the degeneration started messing with the arthritis that kept my back "glued" in place did I notice it, because of the way my back slipped sideways and forward more. But what I'm saying is that degeneration can start anytime and there's a high percentage who have it. Just as we start going grey, our bodies wear out.....great and I'm only 39! LOL

Let me know how things are going!


Keep in touch!!


I actually had an MRI whilst in ER 10-15 days back. It showed another mild herniation at the same spot. The MRI did not talk of any other complication (at this point).

The original doctor (who did the 2003 diskectomy) said he's prefer a fusion if it does not respond to conservative therapy and another doctor said we could try another diskectomy.

I read somewhere (can't find that article) that sometime when there's severe pain, a booster shot is given within the 3day-3rd week. I'm trying around to avoid surgery :)

I'm 38 too and all this stuff had brought life to a grinding halt and have been home since 15 days. Just stresses me out :(

Will update you soon.





I hope you find some pain relief! I know you are trying to avoid surgery, I am too. I worry about the fusion part myself and after reading and reading in the boards, alot of people are having better luck with fusion lately. I just wonder about the years after fusion, "will it start messing with the other discs? What about the other facet joints, is it gonna weaken them after time?" It may have to be fusion for you this time. But get more and more opinions before jumping in PLEASE! I know how hard it is to have to pay for doctor's visits and every stinking opinion they may have. Don't know if you have insurance covering you or not, but there's always something we have to pay out of pocket and how hard it hurts the whole family because it's "mom's fault we can't go out for family night this week because she had to go see another doctor". I feel horrible during those times, but we have to do things for ourselves to better the family. (yes, I'm trying to type myself out of this guilt trip)

I hate this...and hate is a strong word for me. I hate seeing how many people are in pain, I don't worry about my pain anymore...you live with it, you learn how to deal with everyday issues, but I am a comforter. I like to and feel a need to comfort people who are in pain, words only go soo far, but it's nice to hear from other people that there is hope out there for us sufferers. I am soo waiting for an okay for a chat room in here...sure would be nice to jump in and get a daily dose of "chat therapy" with everyone in here and get the big group hugs to put a smile on your face! I know it's only virtual, but just the thought that someone is sending you a big hug does help. Everyone cares about everyone in here and it is a good feeling. I know, I got off track, but I can blame the meds...hehehe!

I hope the best for you! I know the pain with the L5S1, and it all starts out with a mild soreness, but sorry to say, more than half the time it just gets worse from there. My back is on fire as I type and that includes my little butt sitting in the chair. It started as a burning and mild soreness, and grew into the major pain I have, just as a child grows into a teenager with hormones! HELP...LOL, I have three boys that are teens. But anyways, take care of yourself!

Keep us informed please!



Thanks Wendi. Lucky you have grown ups. I have 2 boys aged 7 and 3. The 7 yr old is worried because I no longer wrestle with him. The 3yr old is upset because he's no longer flying spiderman (I used to flip him :) ).

I had been doing the stretching exercies 3 times a day, 5 repititions and I think I am better since yesterday. But then every morning is a new shocker in life.

Frankly I wasn't scared of a fusion until I came to this forum. Not blaming, but I think its got a lot to do with the doctor in hand. Its like any handyman fixing a leaky faucet. Not in the literal sense, but its all in their quality of hand and mind.

Unfortunately there is no site that provides accurate reviews of doctors. I have gone through vitals.com and ratemd.com but don't believe in those ratings. But I think that if one picks a very good hospital and picks a doc who's got a felowship in spine surgeries, he could be one of the good ones out there.

My doc who did the first diskectomy in 2003 used to spend 30 mins 7 years back. Today he keeps us waiting for an hour before he sees us for 5 mins. But he conveys his message in those 5 mins. I know of docs out there who give you a lecture for 1 hr but dont do a good job. But then when in pain you like someone who listens to you, don't you? :-)

Well, the first steroid shot last week got me back on my legs. I have one scheduled for next week. The pain doc mentioned that he had injected it at the root of the root of the L5 nerve and was risky but then it worked. Hope the second one does better.

Well, my 7 year old says he wants to be the world best neuro surgeon. Well I'll probably live or die in good hands in 30 years from now :)

My 2 cents...have a good weekend and thanks for hearing me out :)


Hello again,
I have same issue, one doctor stating to do a fusion, the other another discetomy. I think you offered some advise on questions I could ask my current doctor, about comparing MRI etc..on my post.
When I had a pain management doctor, he acted as though when you do Nerve Root Blocks, you can do more than three, due to it being geared towards a specific side,and nerve. I do not know if it is true or not. I also thought whether a ESI or Nerve Root Block, that it should be in a series- one a week for several weeks. I no longer have a pain management doctor, because I felt like it was politics- I went to find me someone else. What is a degenerated disc? One doc said everyone has degenerated discs. It is a leaking disc? Is the MRI with contrast show tearing? I know one of the questions you stated that I should ask is, how much of disc have you lost? Have you found that out? You say both the right and left side are bothering you?...Have you tried the acupuncture yet?


Coffee Lover,

Here's a good article (with a picture) comparing various disc problems, including degenerated discs - Herniated and Bulging Discs .

About the shots, when I spoke to my pain CRNA he stated that the I could have the second shot as a booster shot since the first once acted quickly and might have run out, hence I was back on my foot so early compared to the situation I was in when I for the first shot (was in ER + hospital for 4 days and they were trying everything possible to have me stand up :( ).
I am getting my booster on Thursday. He also made a comment that it works for some it does not for some. He also made a disclaimer that the second shot might be a live saver and take away the remaining pain or might do nothing at all. I am just giving it a shot. He also said its a series of 3 as a "course" but I forgot to ask him the overall period.

I tried the acupuncture treatment today. It was a 2.5 hour session. one hour of paperwork + theory session post evaluation of my entire checkup. Surprisingly they call these pain issues and disc problems as "symptoms" of something even more bad within the body. Per his evaluation my pulse rate was at 106 BPM. Says the heart is heated up to pump more blood, because the liver is unable to collect unused blood, yada yada etc. Long story short, he asked me questions where my answers myself convinced me that he is right. All related to eating, drinking and living (sleep, stress, family etc). So I have a weak liver that is the "root" cause.

Post eval, he asked me to eat more veggies and fruits, etc. He got me into the treatment room and for 45 mins did the acupuncture on the front side head/skull/face/ears through till the toe that hurts the most (bit toe on right foot). Next 45 mins was the entire back, hips and thighs.

Believe it or not, the needles in the area of pain (even though I did not have pain at that point) created more pressure in the region and could feel mini spasms.

Its going to be 2 sessions per week for 1 month and he has assured me a lot of success with this. I think that I really felt good, overall + the numbness on toes was much lesser.

Might be too early to speak as well, but I'll give you an update end of week if you are interested.

Price was its cheap. First visit last for like almost 3 hrs and he charged me only $98, next set of visits would be half of that.

And, I am also doing homeopathy myself. Well, any alternative treatment at this point is welcome so trying hard to avoid the damn KNIFE!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best Wishes to a speedy recovery to all of us :).



We are interested in your progress, so please do keep us informed. I think your last post was an interesting read. I don't think I could do the acupuncture....I don't like needles, no how no way. But *dumb look on my face*, I like getting a tattoo....how strange is that? I can watch a tattoo being done on me, but can't watch anyone take blood from me! I guess I'm strange!

I wanna know of your progress!



Well, I was scared about the needles too but when I read about being almost as thin as hair , I was OK. It actually did not feel while they were pierced. The only one that I felt was on the toe (underneath/sole). And the ones that there on the pain path of the sciatic nerve. But its very mild compared to any other pain. There is a needle alternative called moxibustion, you could research that option. But then wait till I send updates, might save everyone some money.

So far so good, I am doing OK, feeling mentally better today too. Morning is the first test when I wake up. That's the worst period.


I have 5 bad discs of which 3 are herniated. L4, L5, and S1 are chronic issues that have been ongoing since 1994. I have been through many physical therapies, chiropratic treatments, NSAIDs, and had traction a couple times. The pain mgmt doctor said the ESI injections would relieve the pain and numbness, so I decided to try it.

The 1st injection made me feel like a new person. I was able to walk out of the office without a limp. The numbness and the shooting pains were gone. Within 2 weeks the numbness returned with some mild pain. The 2nd injection did wonders just like the 1st, this time it lasted between 6 & 8 months. The doctor told me that I can have 3 of those injections. I'm not sure if he meant 3 a yr, or what.

I didnt like the pain that was associated with the actual injections. But the outcome was great for me. However, those injections were only short term relief. So I am going to see what other options are available.

Good luck with your injections. I hope it provides you with the relief you are looking for.



thank you. so how do you feel now? did you get the 3rd shot as well?

also, you stated that the main associated with the actual injection wasn't liked. why wast that? weren't pain IVs provided prior to the shot? they gave me an IV of fentanyl + versed. they say fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine. i know i was screaming my guts out due to backpain so cant remember the pain due to the shot :)

appreciate your response, thanks.


I had my epidural injections done in the anisthesiologist's office. I did not have any pain medications administered. They had me dress in light clothing, no food or drink prior to the visit.
I laid on a table while they positioned an X-Ray machine over my back. They used that so he can guide the needle into my back. The first part of the shot was the novacaine to numb the area. He said I would feel a little "pinch".

That was a massive pinch! But it was tolerable.

Then he injected the cortizone. That injection caused a searing pain to immediately shoot down my leg and it felt like everything from my crotch to my toe was being crushed. But that only lasted for a few seconds. Just enough for me to utter a cuss word or two. When the pressure went away, I was able to stand up without any pain. I walked into another room where they took my vitals. They gave me some general information about the injection. Then they offered me a drink and a snack. After a few minutes of monitoring me to be sure there were no drastic side effects, I was ok to leave. Pain free. I walked to my car with no limp, no pain, and limited numbness.

I only had two shots. He told me to come back if I needed the third.

Now the down side. The first shot lasted 2 weeks. The second about 6-8 months.

Now I am having a relapse of the same issues ( I work a job that involves alot of bending, climbing, pulling, lifting, etc) and I dont want another temporary fix. I would rather get this thing fixed and be done with it. But I have been reading a lot of negative comments about surgery. I dont want to rely on the cortizone injections after surgery. That is the reason to have surgery, so I dont have to keep doing the injections. And so I dont have pain and numbness on a regular basis.

This pain management program cost over $6,000. Thankfully, I have insurance and I only had to foot about $1000 of the bill. I am still paying on the last bill and now I have to go through this all over again?!
I'm ready to say the heck with it and claim this as a disability. I've dealt with the back pain since 1994. Im getting too old to keep fighting it. (52 yrs old)

They technically call mine [ spondylosis lumbar w/ myelopathy ]. All I know is, the pain doctor said 2 disc are bulged and 3 are herniated. He also said the swelling is pinching off the nerve which is causing the pain, tingling and weakness in the left leg.



I know exactly what you mean about the epidurals and how that "small pinch" isn't small at all, but alot smaller than the epidural itself. They don't warn you about the epidural itself...damn! Feels like fire shooting down your legs, don't it?

Luvdodo, you were lucky in your own way of not feeling those pinches, but not lucky because you had to pass out to get yours done.

I just wanted to remind you guys that we are always able to walk out of the office because they put a pain killer in with the steriods. I'm not talking about the first pinch of novicaine, but when they put in the steriods themselves. I've always gotten a mixture that allows you to have some relief while the steriods "settle-in" to where they need to be. That's why you feel relief for a little while. If the steriod doesn't work, the wave of pain comes back and bites you in the ass. I've had one good epidural in the 5 or so years I've been doing this crap and it lasted for a full three months. I'm hoping that Friday's appt will bring a good epidural and I can have a great summer with a pain level below a 5!

Best to all!




First off, thanks for the very very detailed read-out. Helped me out a lot. I laughed for 10 minutes and then I was like S**T I have to get the same shot this Thursday , why the heck am I laughing :(

When they gave me the first short, like WendiAnn said, I was transported from the hospital ward via an ambulance. When I got in I was SCREAMING in pain and left SCREAMING in pain.

So whatever VERSED and FENTANYL they injected as IV, the existing pain could not be worsened. I didn't feel the needle or any additional pain. More over then made me sleep on a highly arched bed to open up the vertebral column. And that made the pain worse. Moving from my ambulance bed onto their surgical bed, almost made me collapse. It was like a circus.

After that they kept me in the ward for 2 more days. I could not even stand with the bad leg nor take a single step. And today I received a $13,000 bill :) :) :)

I have the same fear about surgery failures. I hope that they come up with a new technique soon that helps us all out. Fusion is difficult with we aging by the day.

I am praying that one of my alternative therapies work out.

WendiAnn -I'll update you on my acupuncture next week, have 2 more sessions this week.

Thanks again!


My last visit to the MD, I went home with oral cortizone and muscle relaxers. He also prescribed antibiotics since they found a urinary infection during my lab work. Seems the bladder isnt emptying all the way because of the pinched nerves.

Wendiann, sorry to hear that you had to deal with those shots, too. Did they give you anything before the treatments? A lady I spoke to in the waiting room was doped up before she went in. I dont remember if that was an option for me or not. I know that his assistant started to rub my arm just before the 2nd injection. I knew then, that it was going to hurt.
Good luck with your next epidural! Hopefully it will be pain free.

The pain on the 1st set of treatment was totally differant than the 2nd time around. I'm not sure if he injected in the same nerve root area. The first time, the pain shot down the outside of the leg and terminated in the top of the foot. The second time, the entire leg was engulfed. Thankfully it didnt last long.

Did the neurotins work for either of you?
Other than the side effects of light sensitivity and feeling "on edge". I dont recall any positive effects.

Luvdodo, how long was your recuperation from the micro diskectomy? Were you able to do any lifting, etc soon. My sister-in-law had the fusion done and six months after the surgery, she is still limited to lifting only 10#.


I started to walk daily for a mile or two from day 3 or 4. It was very slow walking with a mindset to fight it out. I was just 30 then and with my first kid just 3 months old. I was up and fully functional by week 3. I have been in perfect shape for 7 years now until i woke up with the pain one fine morning.

Thanks. i'll keep you posted on how the shot goes on thursday. Tomorrow is acupuncture day.



I am always doped up...but that's normal anymore. I think all of us are doped up on too much crap that doesn't do what they want it to do. But, to answer your question, they don't give me anything before epidurals. I go in like it was a regular management visit except for the fact that I can't eat for 4 hours before the procedure.

I was only on Neurontin for a few weeks before I started breaking out in a rash and had to quit all new meds I was taking, so I can't answer that one. I do know that Lyrica works for nerve pain and takes a while to get used to side effects, but once you've been on them a while you pop them like any other pill, but take it in regular time intervals to get the best results. I take mine at 6 am, 2pm, and 10pm. So every 8 hours, but with other pills in between those times too!

Hope I answered your questions, if not, let me know!



I was on 100mg Neurontin thrice a day. I don't know what it was doing or not doing. I just stopped it last night. I am not on any meds at this point.

I spoke to the CRNA about my shot tomorrow and I believe I'll get a IV sedation of Fentanyl and VerSED. So its VerSEd that creates amnesia and gets you to be a zombie for 5 minutes while the shot gets done.

More tomorrow.


When I was on the Neurotin, I was taking 300mg. They built me up to 6 pills a day. The biggest side effect I noticed was the photosensitivity. When you turned on a light, it seemed like someone was taking a picture. When you shut it off, it was the same thing but a flash of blackness. If that makes sense. I also walked around like I was wired. I couldnt wait to get off of that drug.

Boy are you taking the easy way out! I think you should brave the shot without the IV. You dont know what you are missing!! ;-)

When I go back to the doctor in a couple weeks, I am going to ask him what alternatives are available. I am really getting tired of the tingling, tiredness, weakness and the pain. Last night I was down on my knees cleaning behind the reffrigerator. I couldnt get up on the strength of my legs. I had to crawl over to the counter so I can use my arm to pull myself up. Tonight after I got out of the shower, I couldnt dry off my feet with out grabbing a towel bar to keep from falling over. I think I'm gonna have to get one of those chairs for in the shower. (Man does that make me feel alot older)

Does the accupuncture help? Has chiropractic helped either of you? Would you say the surgery was a good thing? (Especially since you are having problems now)

Thanks for all your info and advice!


Wendi, your comment really hit home:

"but there's always something we have to pay out of pocket and how hard it hurts the whole family because it's "mom's fault we can't go out for family night this week because she had to go see another doctor". I feel horrible during those times, but we have to do things for ourselves to better the family. (yes, I'm trying to type myself out of this guilt trip)"

Insert "Dad" in place of "Mom".

Currently I am putting up with a lot of pain, etc, because I dont want to put the family through more expenses. We just make it from payday to payday as it is. I'm still making payments on last yrs co-pays and deductibles. I dont think Obama's health care program is helping me. Yes, I do have insurance. But I need a good job so that I have enough money between paydays to afford things like copays and deductibles. Down side is that I cant get another job, because I have a bad back.



Its been nice talking about our issues here, feels good. The minute I tell my wife my leg hurts, she starts panicking. So my standard response to her is I am in perfect shape but I cannot to any work nor play superman with the boys :) for the next 2 months. They were supposed to fly out fo the country for 2 months and I had to cancel their trip. But I plan on sending them in 2 weeks.

I have been allowed to work from home by my company to an extent and they have been very supportive, so far so good. Being the sole bread earner, it scares the S*** out.

I did not try a chiro yet and have heard horror stories. If it was a vertebral column manipulation, it would have made sense. A herniated/leaky disc isn't going in with that treatment, I just came up with that logic on my own :). I'm just doing my exercises and trying out the McKenzie approach too.

Acupuncture - I have had 2 sessions until now. And I strongly felt the pain has reduced. It also helped in other areas constipation, my shoulder(left hand pinky being numb) used to hurt that hasn't hurt for a week now. I used to get constant headaches, etc.

Its too early to comment but I think I am 20% less on pain since 1 week. I have 2 sittings each week, will keep you posted now it goes. I did a lot of reading on it. Here's the deal it does not cure your from anything BUT pain. But then if you could manage you pain with it, then you could to a lot more things that you cant do today. So I thought I'll complete the 1 month promise my acupuncturist has given me.

He gave me tons of documentation to read and a few videos. One of them is very interesting. The UK sent people to china to research acupuncture if its a placebo. They were puzzled with the results and did their own trials in UK and realized that pain was infact getting better on a lot of subjects. University of Maryland did a large trial too and they said the same thing. In fact they did real time brain scans to see what was going on and provided that the brain patterns with acupuncture versus placebo needles had a lot of difference. :) Its pretty decent money. Each sitting would cost around $70 and the insurance only covers 30% of alternative therapies for me, so that's an added cost to all the co-pays I've been burning my savings on.

BTW, do you want to watch the video, I can upload it on my server.

Microscopic Discectomy - It gave me my life back! I had the problem since 1998 suffered until 2003. Since then until now, it helped me a lot. I could do a lot more compared to what I could not do between 1998-2003. I am still puzzled how the re-herniation happened. I woke up in pain :).

My goal is to get better (manage pain) as much as possible and wait for the artificial discs to gain popularity like its been in the UK. I hate the fusions! I'd rather do a disc replacement by 45, hopefully I'll be a candidate until then :) Never know what else is in store.

That's it for today more after my bout of amnesia tomorrow :)


Luv, you are missing out on the fun stuff by getting an IV. Epidural doesn't take that long, and I bet the IV cath hurts more than the sting of the epidural! I don't think I could handle the stuff that makes you have the 5 min amnesia...my memory is soo bad now, can't afford to lose much more!

Had my epidural today and found out something interesting. For the past 5 years I have been getting Selective nerve root blocks, not the general transforaminal lumbar epidural steriod injections. I got a regular epidural today and can have one every two weeks as needed. Doc's reasoning was that it's been since December since I got a root nerve block, so we need to go back to the transforaminal lumbar epidurals. I guess he's gonna play with my nerves for a while to see which area is the right area for pain, great, let's play with the needles...eeeewww!
Guess I learned something new today about epidurals...the difference between the two. Now sitting here, I also know that I like the blocks alot better...it's only been 9 hours since my epidural and I have more pain, the blocks have alot more anesthetics in them (or at least the ones I used to get did).

And while there I was just as pleasant as I normally am. I can't be a bitch I said I was gonna be, I was raised to be nice! Oh well!!!

Just to keep you up to date,



Wendi, LWA

Surprisingly when I got there and they saw me happily smiling they said they'd give me the shot with all the IV stuff.

Almost 3-4 nurses walked up and asked me the same question, "weren't you the one was came in from hospital directly and were screaming?". I was ashamed and had to say , yes :). One of them was like you were quite a hand full that day man but you didn't know much since you were already on loads of meds.

Anyways, the pain doc was happy with results and followed the same protocol. It was a nerve block and it did not pain nor did I feel anything going through the leg or nerves. He also increased neurontin to 300mg per dose. But I have stopped all meds at this point including neurontin.

Just exercises, acupuncture and homeopathy. I am not sure which is helping the most, I think all 3 are playing a good role.

I picked up my MRI on the way back and the results was sad apart from the herniation I spoke about a bulge on L3, L4 and L5 now. Wonder when that's gonna kick in.

Talk to you soon.



You have those nurses wrapped around your little finger, don't you, you big stud???

I'm proud of the progress you are making with the accup.....I can't even type it out...ick! I take the pressure, but takes big balls to do the puncture (and big balls to sing falsetto like barry gibb and still be a macho man). I'm sooo happy that you are getting relief when it wasn't that long ago you were passing out from the pain! You deserve a big bear hug...when I see a bear, I'll send him or her over....LMAO! Nah, I'd do it myself, but gently because we don't need to break each other! Just because you are feeling better, I hope this doesn't mean we don't see you in here anymore! You are part of the family and we'd hate to lose you!

Keep in touch please!



Today was the regular doctor visit. He is sending me back to the pain specialist for "other options", since the epidurals and drugs didnt last that long.

He did tell me today that this is basically D.D.D. (degenerative disc disease). It is progressing up my spine from the old injury. Chances are, this will get worse as I get older and I will have to work with pain management for relief. However, if the pain doc doesnt provide me with relief that lasts longer than a few months, then he will send me to another specialist to consider surgery.

He did give me a warning about the surgery. He said this type of surgery usually only provides a couple years of relief. Then it will be just like it was before. I will have to have surgery again. So he wants to wait as long as possible before going down that road. The discs are wearing away to the point that the bones are rubbing together when I move certain ways. So you can imagine what that feels like.

The pain in the hip is back and the tingling in the legs are alot more frequent. But, you know, that feeling like "bugs" are crawling on my legs, are really "bugging" me! Dont know if they are going to give me the Neurotin again or not. (He noted that I was uncomfortable with the side effects that were messing with my vision) But they gotta have something that gets rid of the weird nerve pain/feelings! It's hard to take the drugs they do prescribe, when you still have to work, because of the side effects.

I will find out more after the 20th, when I see the pain doc again. I hope everybody else is doing well.
Take care.



Sorry to hear about what's going on. Life on my side hasn't been any different, every day seems like a new day with a new kind of pain or an issue.

I had my second shot, started walking like 2 miles. I was also acupuncture at that point. I stopped it because it was costing me $200 per week.

Since the last 3-4 days the numbness and tingling has changed. The numbness has reduced but the tingling has become very painful. They now seem like a 100 needles piercing into my foot in all directions every time i take a step. I think they also call this "formication".

I have double thoughts on the Epidural shot as I've heard a lot of about the side effect being archidontis (not sure if i spelt that right). And i believe this aggravates the formication problem too.

stay tuned...and best wishes.