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Sciatica has become back

Started by luvdodo on 05/31/2010 8:15pm

Hi I am 37 years old, 6'3" tall and about 190 lbs. I suffered from a herniated disc while I was at work in London in 1998. I suffered for pain (without proper diagnosis) for years and then in 2005 the sciatica on my right leg was unbearable (pain under the thigh - just unbelievable!).

In Nov 2005 I went through a microscopic diskectomy and a piece of the L5-S1 disc was removed. Believe it or not until last week I was in really good shape. There were times when the region was sore but I led a new painless like since 2005 until now.

Last week I woke up from my sleep and had mild pain. I started doing my light PT exercises and the pain did not seem to go away. the physician gave pain meds and relaxants which did not help as well.

In the last 2 days I see that I can no longer sleep. any position in bed is a NIGHTMARE, walking nor standing helps but sitting helps.

So the pain areas have changed completely. All I am sure of is the sciatic nerve is being pinched again. And its weird too. some time within the day there are few minutes where I am painless too. The pain is on the side of my thighs, behind my calf and a lot on over my foot region.

I am wondering what to do next and whom to see. I live in Gainesville, VA and am not sure which doctors are good and what I should look for. I honestly don't want to jump into surgery. I don't know if a pain injection into that region would help, PT would help? or if surgery (if yes, which) would help.

Are there known options I should ask the doctor to consider.

I'm sorry I don't even know if I asked the right questions since I am so much in pain as I type this note out.



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First thing I would do is talk to your doctor, let him know that the rx's don't work. Ask about an MRI and CT scans to pin point the problem. Ask for referals from your doctor and check out the doctors on this site. I don't know what else to tell you until you get the scans you need. Keep us posted!



Well, things got really worse. I fine day the pain struck so bad that I saw RED and blacked out in my basement. Wife called 911 and was taken to ER. Was on pain shots and Valium until night, then discharged.

Next day was taken to another ER, MRI was done, same issue - additional herniation at same level L5S1.Was hospitalized in ward since pain was unbearable and was no longer able to walk. There was terrible stinging pain in the right toe and that has gone numb now.

I was given oral MEDROL and a epidural short of a painkiller flantenyl (?).

Back home now, able to sit and walk with mild numbness. Pain goes on and off and am into home PT.

Doctor said its good progress but asked me to decide if I shd go in for fusion or not.

Any guidance is appreciated.



I'm glad you are feeling a little better now. to fuse or not to fuse....some people have had luck with fusion, some haven't had any luck with it. Personally, I'm scared of fusion, but other's swear by it. All I can say is do your research on and off this site, ask one of the pros in the "ask the experts" section. Sounds like you have a bunch of homework to do and quick. Good luck and keep us posted!