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Problem with the right foot

Started by zkostevski on 04/19/2010 1:13pm

zkostevski (Male; 47;
CT spine report .....
I.v. L4/L5 disc level with dorzomediolatelarn protrusion to the right. Dural compression sacus and right radicular afect ... I.v.disc L5/S1 level with the present vacum phenomenon and watering in both bilateral radicular canal. Spondiloartrozne changes veneers joint and marginal edge of the body osteofit lumbal wrist. ; Relevant drugs:tab.Voltaren forte, tab. diazepam, tab. B-vitamin )
MR spine report.......
At the lumbosacral spine are part spondilaortroz changes.
At the level of L4/L5 visible degeneration of the discus with a very distinct discus hernia (gr.4) with dorzomediolatelar type more to the right. I.v. L5/S1 brief space and see the small disc hernia.
There is little hernia at the level of L1/L2
I have a problem with the right foot appears, stiffness and numbness all the way to the toes, there are a lot of pain when rising and movement. Doctor suggested operation.Your opinion please.

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Check out the Laser Spine Institute...lsi.com......they do laser surgery.....5 days to no pain....Good luck. I plan on having surgery in July for a synovial cyst that has actually grown inside my spinal column in lower lumbar L4 and L5 so I feel your siuation, my right leg does not function, toes numb, can't move them because the cyst is pressing on the nerves in spinal column that controls walking function...good luck, and I wish you well.