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Surgery Guidelines Laser vs Fusion

Started by finance10 on 03/26/2010 8:03pm

I listed my mri reports earlier as far as injuries but ran out of space. New subscriber feeling my way around the format. I guess my real question is based on my mri reports does any one have any expierience in the laser vs fusion (which from what ive read, fusion so far is my last resort). But after my recent collapsing episodes where it feels like i get tazzered i fear i dont have alot of time to decide, especially when it comes to driving

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Contact the Laser Spine Institute...go online....they have seminars in various places...I plan on Laser in July..and a friend of mine had surgery today regarding her situation with back pain and inability to walk.


I am not sure that laser vs. fusion is the right way to look at it. There is a trend towards minimally invasive surgery (which may or may not include lasers) vs. traditional surgery depending upon the type of surgery you require. Additionally, there is a growing body of evidence that minimally invasive surgery can lead to faster recovery times and lower complication rates, particularly as it relates to hospital acquired infections.

A great place to start iswww.smiss.org the leader academic society devoted to the advancement of minimally invasive spine surgery. In fact we have a section on spineuniverse.com that features their material and gives a good primer on MIS: What is MIS? .

I would also advise making sure you have exhausted all possible conservative treatments then evaluating several surgeons to find the one you are most comfortable with.

Good luck.


Hello finance10,

your question is too general, and its impossible to give you proper reply and advice.

Basically and globally, lasers and fusions are two incomparable procedures. Laser is mostly used for contained disc herniations (as intradiscal technique) and fusion is used to treat instability, severe DDD, spondylolistesis, etc.

What does your MRI report say exactly? In new days followed by fast advancement of minimally-invasive techniques, laser energy applied to your disc can help internal disc disruption and degenerative disc disease, but only in selected cases when degeneration is not too big.