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Seeking advice for surgery ( cervical)

Started by finance10 on 03/26/2010 7:30pm

My mri report summary read:
1) Right c5-c6 disc-osteophyte with cord impingment and central stenosis with additional foraminal stenosis greater to the right.

2) Broad based c6-c7 disc-osteophyte with cord impingment and right foraminal stenosis.

3) Scoliosis and left lateral c7-T1 disc-osteophyte

I am a 44 year old male that was in a car accident 3 yrs ago . I have all the usual suspects of above listed conditions from some of your readings, ie; numbness, tingling, constantly dropping things, sharp pains depending on positioning of my body, constant stiffness in upper region above shoulder blades, insanity, confusion but a new issue has blessed me to really explore information. I was expieriencing gagging, hard to swallow, and was told it could possibly be from one of the damaged discs or osteophytes along with all the pain that comes along with sneezing or coughing that puts impact on the neck. Recently when this happens I can feel a warm sensation all over, noise becomes very distant and my knees and whole body go numb and i have collasped. TBC

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You know with the cord compression you have at multiple levels and the symptoms you are experiencing I certainly would not wait until tomorrow to seek medical attention. Does the "warm sensation all over and noise becoming distant with body going numb and collapsing" feel anything like electrical shocks when moving your head a certain way do you feel a buzzing of any type when moving around. I experienced these symptoms prior to both of my cervical fusions which were performed due to disk herniation with cord impingement and nerve involvement further severe stenosis. I would get into your PCP asking for a referral ASAP to either orthopedist or neurosurgeon and get in there fast. With the spinal cord involvement and your symptoms you don't want to wait too long as permanent scarring and damage can be a result of waiting too long which is irreversible and trust me my brother is living proof of this having had cervical decompression in 2008 when should have been in 2006 (after MRI's showed severe, extremely severe spinal stenosis) at all levels of C spine to T3 I believe. He waited too long and two months after surgery ended up as a quadriplegic having to learn how to walk, feed himself, bathe himself, wipe his bum, etc. doctors diagnosing him with rare condition called "delayed central cord syndrome" which has taken his entire life away as he once knew it. Cannot golf, drive a car, dress himself, has to wear braces on both wrists so that his hands don't flop around (only has 1.5 grip strength in left hand and .5 lb grip strength in right hand), had to get a chair lift in his house so he could go up and down stairs, When there is involvement of the spinal cord and any nerves the most important thing you can do is to get immediately into doctor who can take care of your subjective complaints and objective findings. Don't wait another day. Demand immediate attention to your medical problems please.


finance10 your post interest me,
I also have a gagging problem. I had my first Anterior Cervical Diskectomy and Fusion (ACDF) of C-6/7 in Mar 1985 after the surgery I lost my voice for 4 months and had some severe swallowing difficulites, and gagging problems. Sept of 2009 I had another ACDF at C-5/6 and the last 6 months I have been having problems with severe pain in the lower back of my head and upper neck the MRI shows C-3 being bad, I have had 3 epidural injections at C-3 giving me good relief but only lasting for 3 weeks the last one I had right after it was over I had a bad gagging episode, when this happens the stomach is not involved but it is like spasms of my throat but very violent, and I get painful pins and needles and electric shock sensations across my upper chest and upper back from shoulder to shoulder. and it doesn't let up till the retching stops. The other day this happened at home, but it was the most severe episode yet, ( note I live alone and out in the country) and I did not go to to the Doctor or attempted to seek medical help! any way this time while gagging the needle stick and electric shocks not only went across my chest and back from shoulder to shoulder but also up my neck on both sides to my head, and down each arm, When it finally stopped the top of my forearms hurt for days and my hands are weak and I had a difficult time lifting my arms up, after a couple of days my arms are close to being back to normal. I do not see the neurosurgeon till the first of October for a possible C-3 ACDF. The thing I am currious about is there others that have had cervical spinal injuries or ACDF's done and have then experienced extreme problems with gagging and retching, when I have thise episodes it is usually caused by straining my neck in some way or moving my head wrong. It is always from a physical movement, except when my pain management specialist gave me the epidural. when he did that he put the needle in at C-5 and threaded a cath up to C-3 to inject the steroid. It has only been in the last 6 or 7 months that I have been having the problem with the pins and needles and electric shocks with it, and the other day was the first time it has affected my arms that way. I did find out just befor having the last fusion last September that the vocal cords are paralyzed on the right side, I was told that was probably a result of my first ACDF. as they went in on the front left side.I was also told that this nerve damage probably has caused some of my swallowing difficulities that I have. Now I am wondering it it is connected with this gag problem in anyway???

Anyway I found this interesting that you have had a similar problem with the gagging. And I have been wondering since you wrote this post in March of this year, if you have had surgery done and what type and how it came out for you??. And are you still experiencing problems with gagging.??