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Spinal Stenosis Mess after Hip Replacement

Started by joy1938 on 03/22/2013 4:20pm

Long story, a life time of OA from 18 and then hip replacement at 72....doing pretty good 5 mnths post op and
then Spinal Stenosis L4, L5, S1 came roaring on...

Replacement in Oct 2010, last 2 yrs have been sheer H**L***

I've had 16 sessions of Acupuncture in 2012 along with Mesotherapy Injections from my integrative
Rheumy and they did pretty good, I could walk again better, but BURNING in tail bone still there....

I do the Spinal Stenosis exercises from Spine Universe....

I've taken so many kinds of anti inflammatories over the yrs....countless ones. Then in January
of this year I "found" a new anti inflammatory and been on it 2 months now and the BURNING in the
spine is about gone....

Even Fibro pain is reduced...

Prior after hip replacement I was taking 6 advil per day, Arthritis Tylenol and 1/2 vicodin as needed...TOO TOO
much and all the pain wears one down.

Now, I'm taking 4 Advil per day, AM and before bed....No Tylenol and 1-2 1/2 vicodin still....Will I be able
to take less down the road, I HOPE SO.

Anyone else get this SS after hip replacement?

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What is the new anti-inflammatory med you found?