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Posted in: Fibromyalgia.

dealing with fybromyalgia

Started by smorris13 on 04/09/2010 7:36pm

i would like to know if there are any alternative treatments that anyone has had success with

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I went to a six weeks fibromyalgia/chronic pain group at Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA. Maybe they have something similar near where you live. It seemed to help the folks who were on some sort of meds more than it helped me but it did help me deal with the pain better. I hope this helps.


I have had fibro for 11 years now and have been on cymbalta for few years now. I was even in the clinical study of the med. I have had great results from cymbalta and it helps with the pain and depression. I also take magnesium. After all of these years cymbalta has been the only one to work for me. I have tried lyrica and other meds for fibro and I had reactions to all of the other drugs. As far as an alternative, there is nothing out there to date. When I get chronic fatigue I take GABA which is an herb and helps me to get into REM sleep. GABA really helps with sleep! Good luck and let me know if you end up trying some of my suggestions.


I get a lot of relief from myofascial release, but unfortunately, I cannot afford it and insurance does not cover it. I also got a lot of relief from trigger point release massotherapy, but my therapist moved to Las Vegas and no one else does it around here and it is too expensive. I sure wish insurance would cover massotherapy as it can work wonders for chronic pain.

I also got a lot of relief from hypnotherapy by my psychologist. He would tape our sessions so I could listen to them at home. I still have a stress relief one and sleep one and I am going back to him for help with the emotional side of fibro and panic attacks when it comes to medical proceedures.

sue in ohio


There is new treatment with Alpha-Stim CES and SCS and I will tell you from first hand experience BE CAREFUL. I'd say "run as fast as you can in the other direction!" if your Dr advises it, or you see an add for it and are tempted to order one. Legally because of FDA it is only authorized for sale in US as a mood stabilizer, anti-anxiety, and insomnia treatment...but they say they found it does "great things for fibromyalgia"....well...I tried it for a few weeks and not only did I feel worse, I got dizzy, I had a mental fog that can only be described as nearly Alzheimer's, and was seriously not functioning well and it took weeks after stopping it to feel "normal" again.

But, everyone has the right to choose what they want to try, and perhaps it will help you...but BE CAREFUL. stimulating anything in your brain can go either way. You can't say "Oh, this can only cause change for good in everyone" if it changes something in your body, it may not change it in the right way for everyone.

JMHO w/ experience.