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20 years post-op Triple Spinal Fusion Anterior/Posterior

Started by Scoot2300 on 10/29/2020 9:42am

Hi All! I am coming to you 20 years past a triple spinal fusion (anterior/posterior) that I had on January 4, 2001. I was 28 years old at the time of the surgery. Bone grafts were taken from my illiac crests and I have 6 titanium screws through L5, L4 and L3. I was an energetic guy who was an athlete and exercised regularly and lifted weight routinely. For the most part, I have defied the surgeons who told me I would need additional surgery approx. 11 years or so as the upper discs would degrade having to bear the brunt of my spine going forward. I have stayed in as good as shape as possible, got into long distance cycling and have just done everything I can do to stay out of the operating room. That brings me to my post today. I returned to my surgeons in 2018 as I was feeling some irregularities and muscle tightens and spasming and thought it was a good time to go see them. They were amazed that I was doing as well as I am. I am very lucky and through some hard work, have made it this far. However, what I am experiencing now, I believe, is not directly related to the fusion itself but the muscles that surround where the bone grafts were taken. I cannot seem to get my Thoracolumbar Fascia and adjacent muscles to loosen up and relax. It is not debilitating but it is getting more difficult to ignore the always tightening and I need to know if there is something I can do or if it is a residual nerve issue that I just have to live with? Any comments, similar stories or things that folks did to alleviate something like this is most helpful and welcome. I also hope to answer any questions people may have regarding the surgery I had so many years ago. Thank you all in advance.

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