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Posted in: Exercise, Neck pain, and Surgery.

What to expect

Started by pjlvn on 06/20/2017 12:56pm

I had c-3 thru c7 Acdf on May 12th I went for my follow up June, everything is healing well . Ibprophen was working well but now muscle relaxants and pain meds are needed more now, is this normal. Pain in the shoulders and tightening in neck and rom harder.

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Hello, and thank you for your post. We are happy to hear that your ACDF surgery recovery is going well so far!

Because your surgery was just last month, it's not out of bounds to be experiencing pain and discomfort--and a need for increased pain medication may be warranted. This is likely a temporary solution to help manage your pain after surgery. Our best advice is to keep in contact with your surgeon if you begin to feel uncomfortable with your pain level or would like to step down from the pain medication you're on.

We'd like to share some articles with you that may apply to what you're experiencing:
( Cervical Spine Surgery: Home Care and Neck Health Maintenance )
( Spine Surgery Recovery - The Benefits of Hydrotherapy ): We like this article, in particular, as it encourages gentle activity after surgery to promote a healthy recovery. Hydrotherapy may help with your shoulder and neck pain, but it should only be done with your surgeon's permission.

We hope your pain begins to reduce as you move farther along your recovery journey. We wish you well and continued success for the rest of your recovery!