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Multiple Myeloma patient with recent Vertebroplasty

Started by Richardh on 04/14/2017 3:56am

I was diagnosed with MM in May 2015 close to 80th birthday. I research MM particularly how it affects older patients. I have a blog and post information for my family and friends and anyone interested. If you wish you can go to my blog at:www.facebook.com/richard.hurwitz I had Vertebroplasty on Apr. 7 2017. It is now Apr. 14 2017. The bone cement was placed in 5 places. I am interested in discussing what they do post op with others who have had the procedure.

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Hi, Richardh--thank you for your post. How cool that you've started a blog--we're sure your friends, family, and many others love reading it!

While we don't have any personal postop stories to share about vertebroplasty, we'd like to share this article with you: ( Vertebroplasty: Effective Treatment for Painful Vertebral Compressive Fractures ). Some of the content at the beginning won't apply (it discusses what to expect before and during the procedure), but if you scroll down you will see some encouraging stuff about vertebroplasty recovery.:

"Following vertebroplasty, most patients find a marked improvement in their pain. Within a few days, many patients are able to reduce their pain medications significantly and return to the normal daily activities that had been inhibited by their painful vertebral compression fractures. Most patients report sustained pain relief, even years later."

Here's another article that you might find interesting: ( Vertebroplasty Reduces Pain Following Spine Fractures ).

We hope the articles help! We wish you the very best of luck.