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should i have it or not

Started by Billy fox on 12/12/2016 9:09pm

Hi I am a 60 year old male, I'm a pipefitter in a chemical plant very physical work. i hurt my back couldn't get because it wasn't recorded properly. I have a broad based bulge l4 l5 with sever left and moderate right lateral recess stenosis. left bulge contacts l4 nerve root. was having severe pain lower back and down left leg while working. i went to primary care doc he gave me pain meds and meloxicam got mri took 3 weeks to see neuro doc during the time off all my pain gone he told my only option was fusion of l4 l5 should l i do that at this time when I'm walking 2 miles and range of motions good I'm a month into a 12 week fmla leave and 6 month shot term disability ins claim. I'm about to go nutts thinking bout what to do anyon
e with advice.

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Hi, Billy fox--We see your post is about a year old, but you pose an excellent question. Weighing whether to have spine surgery is something a lot of our visitors have to consider. For any future visitors who stumble upon this post and are in your shoes, we'd like to pass along this resource: ( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor ).

We think the best way to approach the possibility of spine surgery is to ask as many questions as you can before the procedure. When you understand the risks, benefits, and expected outcomes as they relate to you, then you'll feel confident moving forward with surgery or sticking with non-operative treatments.

We hope all is well with you. Let us know if you went ahead with the surgery!