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Need help with a serious

Started by 101570821908953... on 07/10/2016 10:11pm

I just had surgery on my neck I'm so scared I don't have my neck brace on right either to tight or to loose my left shoulder is killing me since the surgery which was 3 days ago it's my first time every having anything like this done. I was told to wear my neck brace 6 weeks only take it off to bath. What's the best way to keep from phenomenon my chest hurts and I can feel it coming on I'm coughing and doing this breathing excrising can anyone help. I sleep in my recliner how long should this last

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Hi Penelope
First of all, try to Relax. Getting Stressed or Tensed up only makes you hurt worse. I've had Multiple Surgeries on my Neck and Lower Back. I am now Fused from C2-C7, and L3-L5. You are going to have a little bit of Nerve Damage from where your Nerves were being Compressed. If you are worried about anything don't forget you can Call you Doctor or the Surgeon. I wore my Neck Brace tight enough to support everything and hold my Head Level, but not so tight it was uncomfortable. After my Surgeries I was given Carisopradol (Soma). And Hydrocodone 10-325, and Gabapentin. The combination seemed to work well. I also started taking Lexapro for Depression and Anxiety and it really helped. I was in a Recliner for 3 Yrs. but I was having Multiple Surgeries due to Complications. It was the only place I could get halfway comfortable. Right now you Really need to just take it easy, be really careful when you do move around. And try to get some Sleep when you can. I would Call your Dr. If you are getting really Congested though. Did they give you a Tens Unit, if not ask for one, they really help with the Pain. I also had some Big Medicated Patches I could put on my Back where it hurt that helped. I hope this helps a little bit. God Bless You and I hope you have a Quick Recovery.


I am always on Xanax and I have muscle relaxers and percets. I do worry a lot I wear my cervical stim I'm on 2 weeks now but I think I may have messed up the other day by picking my dog up off of me she weighs about 13-15lbs and I'm only supposed to be picking up 5lbs I just pray I didn't mess nothing up. Yes I'm sleeping in a recliner also . I went to my regular doc yesterday but she wouldn't xray it and check it so I'm just still wearing my cervical stim and taking my vitamins and doing the best I can. I'm afraid I may be resting to much bc my medicine makes me tired and sleepy but my neck feels swollen maybe it's just me. Pray for me please I prat I did not mess it up. Thank you for talking to me