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Second spinal surgery now I'm fused c2 to c6

Started by 102063386436042... on 04/30/2016 9:35am

While working as a NYC corrections officer I aided a hanging inmate who came down on my neck snapping it back crushing my spine!! I began having problems with my balance and walking!! January 2014 I had a ACDF. With hip bone graft c4-5 c6-7. By January 2015 I was back to normal. January 2016 I began to have pain and numbness again. A MRI showed that I had herniated c2-3 which was now leaning on my spinal cord and a rear end auto accident or a complicated fall could kill me or leave me paralyzed for life. April 26 2016 I had fusion of c2 to c6. They went in from the back this time! I would like to know what to expect.....healing time.......lifetime limitations.......when can I began excercising (if ever)...

Thank u

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