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weight gain after steroid shots before nerve burn procedure

Started by Liposuction on 12/09/2015 11:49am

Hi everyone,

has anyone experienced weight gain or weight loss STALL after the diagnostic test performed before a nerve burn procedure//

i had that done 2 weeks ago at the same time i started my holiday diets(lol) and have gained instead of lose.. i have been to the gym everyday only to walk and use the sauna and whirlpool for lower back pain. however, i have noticed that i gained everyday along with bloating and just feeling miserable.. it finally dawned on me that it can be from the cortisone/ steroid shots that i got 2 weeks ago i went from 217 to 225 and this morning i was back to 217.8 i feel great about that but i just wanted to know if anyone experienced this after the injections and is there anything i can do to either prevent it or lose it faster. i go next week for the nerve burning i hope this doesnt happen again.

thanks in advance

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