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lumbar/sacral fusion

Started by Vineyard2016 on 08/05/2015 1:48pm

I recently turned 44, so I was 43 when I had a ruptured disk at L5-S1and a bulge at L4-L5, which caused tremendous pain down the outside of my left leg and into my foot, causing pain and numbness of my first two toes and I also had drop foot. They did a microdiscectomy which seemed to help, then it became infected, so I had another surgery to clean out the infection. It didn't work, so they did and anterior and posterior fusion. I was recovering and seemed to be doing well, then the L4-L5 ruptured. More agonizing pain. I forgot to mention, I was on Percocet 10/325 4times daily and oxy contin 20mg twice daily. So they did another microdiscectomy and I awoke in more pain than I went in. They did another MRI, this was my third. They decide to fuse L4-L5 also. I had a CT prior. I had the fusion and it went well, but the pain now was through the roof from the surgery. Since I had such a tolerance because this all started Oct 2014 and I basically had one surgery a month, My Percocet was now 6 times a day and 80 mg oxycontin twice daily. They tried Dilaudid 8 mg in place of the Percocet, but it didn't work. I had 3 months of no lifting twisting or bending. I started therapy in July and have weaning off the pain meds, which I am finding out is worse than the pain from the surgeries, so we slowed that down. I still have a lot of left numbness horrible calf pain on both sides. No DVT noted. I am now taking 6 Percocet and 40 mg oxy in the morning and 60 in the eve so I can sleep. I am gonna try and reduce it another 30 mg this week. I just want the joint and muscle pains to stop from the withdrawals and the foot numbness and weekness to improve. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is pain from the surgeries and what is pain from the narcotic withdrawals. I am a paramedic/firefighter and hope to get back to work by January 2016. 5 surgeries in 5 months is a lot, so I am sure that is contributing to how slow things are progressing. Any advice would be appreciated

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