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Will an epidural injection help disc heal?

Started by Baydude on 10/28/2014 4:02am

Diagnosed with a 6mm bulge at L5-S1 3 months ago. Symptoms include back pain and sciatica on left leg.
I'm on my 3rd month of PT and I think the pain is starting to centralize. I have some sciatica sensations in my left leg but not as much as before. Also, the back pain isn't that bad since I don't even need NSAIDs anymore.

With that said, I have a follow up with my doctor this week to let him know my progress and whether I want to get an epidural injection to relieve some of the pain.

I think I would only opt to get an epidural if the injection actually helps the disc heal. If not, I am fine with the mild sensations I am currently feeling and hope to continue heal with just PT. So in order to help make my decision, does anyone know if an epidural will help disc heal or is it just to temporarily relieve inflammation so you won't feel the uncomfortable symptoms?

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