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spinal stenosis

Started by julie nyc on 10/23/2014 12:29pm

Hello, I'm Julie from NYC and I need multilevel decompression spine surgery which I'm so afraid of having. My brain surgery and rehab I'd gladly do over again because at least I know what to expect. I also have Major Depression and know this surgery is going to make me climb the walls. I do not know what to do because my symptoms are not that bad and also I'm young. Thank You.

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Have you heard of the X STOP?? Its a titanium screw that is inserted in your back thru a 1 to 2 inch incision.... and the surgery only lasts 1 hr and you go home same day. The cost is less then what you would pay for a laminectomy.... Nothing is removed , no bones or nerves.. check it out..


Have you tried chiropractic treatment? It has helped me stay active since I was in my 20s with low back pain and muscle spasms , now 65 with spinal stenosis diagnosed with MRI. Cold laser with chiropractor and muscle stimulation along with exercises I do every morning and night. No pain now but leg weakness. Hoping with walking and riding bike I can restrengthen my legs. Did read on this site that someone said riding their walking horse helps. I have always ridden and have two walking horses but when pain started I stopped riding. Now that pain is under control I plan on starting back riding. I would only go to surgery after trying chiropractic first. I'm in Virginia and have a great chiropractor, like doctors there are good and not so good chiropractors, ask your friends and others if they use chiropractor and hopefully find a good one that I am almost sure can help you without surgery.