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2 Herniated Discs and 2 Bulging discs in neck with cord impingement

Started by luckyman316 on 10/21/2014 9:24am

Saw my doctor today for a follow up with my MRI and he revealed the following:

C3-4 broad-based disc herniation wih significant cord impingement
C4-5 disc bulge without signigicant stenosis, very mild stenosis
C5-6 disc bulge resulting in cord compression and bilateral C6 root impingement
C6-7 central disc herniation resulting in significant cord impingement

He did not recceommend surgery. He said it was an option but it was not necessary as it wasn't serious enough to require it and it would be my very last option. He suggested a pain management specialist, but getting to one with my work schedule may be very very difficult. I believe he was trying to reccommend me to a friend of his more than anything else.

Can anyone reccommend any good exercises to help along with this? He suggested walking would help a lot (and it does already) but said I should go see the pain management specialist he reccommended. Any other thoughts or suggestions? I'm obviously not ruling out multiple opinions. He said to avoid chiropractic work as it could make things worse.

Strange I am not in more pain and the pain I've been having mostly seems to be around C1-C2 area, which came back normal on the MRI. Go figure!

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I had a similar result 18 mos ago and was rushed into surgery. The cord impingement should be concerning. Maybe a second opinion quickly?


I had two level impingement just over 2 years ago and have been receiving steroid injections and pain killers over that period. They worked some. 4 to 6 months. I generally received 2 to 3 in a group. Don't expect complete relief but they did restore hand function for me. The pain medicine gets less effective over time.

Currently my disks have herniated, one down into my spinal column. This may be due to two serious accidents I have had during treatment. The pain management team says they can not longer inject me. I am facing multilevel fusion.

I got no relief from any other treatment. Traction yes but only while it was being applied. Other than that, ice helps and stretching but again briefly.


Sorry for bumping an old thread but wanted to give all an update as to where I was with this.

At the moment, some of the major symptoms I had are diminished or gone. The worst right now is the slight 24/7 tinnitus (it was a lot worse), some TMJ issues, and neck pain mostly when I sit down. Some days, it feels like I can barely support my head up and have to hold my head around my neck or behind my head.

As I go through this, I continue to search for alternative treatments. I truly believe all this was brought on by chiropractic work I had between 2013-2014 where I was getting my neck adjusted 2-3 times a week. I eventually stopped due to insurance no longer covering it, but realized my issues were brought on more my a chronic illness and a SEVERE lack of Vitamin D.

My biggest issues are when I'm sitting still at work for too long typing (the past few weeks, I've felt some tinging in the left hand and hear some creaking and cracking in the neck) and when I sit in elevated areas such as movie theaters or stadiums, I just can't do it. I need to be at a level surface and looking straight and even that gets challenging.

I've been dealing with this through lots of rest, a decent amount of walking and yoga a few times a week. It helps, it gets me through a day, but I've had good days and lots of bad days. Can anyone suggest any good devices to use? I've already got a disc dehydrator, over-the-door cervical traction unit (this use is decent but after 4 days I feel like the discs are collapsing on me) and a pump cervical traction device (I feel this helps but is useless at times because it deflates so easily and the velcro does not stick). I don't use them as often as I'd like but would be willing to take any suggestions on these or any other units people may use.

Needless to say, I'm avoiding surgery for 3 reasons:

1.) I'm deathly afraid of risking paralysis
2.) I'm very broke so anything out of pocket, I legit can't afford.. not even $1
3.) The chronic illness (it's a liver disease, so avoiding all medications and steroid use is a MUST for me)

Open to hearing suggestions. Thanks!


I have severe central canal stenosis C4-C5 and I was told that surgery is the only way to correct this problem.
I'm going for a second opinion scheduled for next month in NYC.
I have been prescribed several pain meds. I only take it if the pain is severe and I have not used a single pain pill.
On occasion I've taken Advil but visiting an MD acupuncturist twice a week provided excellent results.